Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dan Goes Super Villain, Apparently #BB14

I am reading reports that he told the cameras in the storage room that he "was okay".  And also smiled and winked at the cameras a few times.

I didn't see that.  I did see him in the storage room, talking to the cameras, but I did not hear what he said.

That might explain why BB didn't seem to give a shit that he was in distress.

Fucking Dan....

I hope this little stunt doesn't keep him in the house this week.  Go home, Dan!

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  1. Dan is a totally selfish asshole... he just (usually) hides it well. He'd better go this week. I didn't think it could happen but even if Frank's kind of a dick too, I'm rooting for him now. He really does deserve the money.


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