Thursday, August 23, 2012

CBS Live Show Update #6 #BB14

Ashley's POV speech is a disaster.  Just wait until you see it. Julie had to shush her twice.  Instead of a speech Joe did some hand movements to signify getting rid of Ashley.  He was breathing VERY hard.  Maybe he couldn't speak.

Jenn:  Voted to evict Ashley
Shane:  Ashley
Britney:  Ashley
Frank:  The terrible Chef Joe
Danielle:  Ashley
Dan:  Ashley

But Dan had to make his smart comments to Julie about fireworks in the air.

Ashley loses.  Ian says he's sorry and hugs her.

Alison Grodner can relax now.  Frank lives on.  When he found the clovers and POV in the balls the audience cheered.

Ashley loves Julie's "side pony".  Julie says that is sweet.

(I love a side pony, but Julies is sculpted.)

Oh Frank is pacing the house and is mad about what just happened.  He had to be bleeped a little.

Ashley sees this on the monitor and laughs.  Now Julie tries to have a conversation with Ashley, but it is really hard to follow.  She looks cute in her headband but she just did a physical competition and she's a little mussed up.

Oh wow Julie asked her one question, and Ashley answered it for about 5 minutes.  Julie just thanked her and basically told her to STFU. 

Is Ashley stoned?

Now Frank is yelling and he is pissed.  FYI the HOH will be held tomorrow, probably, if not tonight. 

Tense, tense end to the show as Frank patrols the house, muttering things and fuming.

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