Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Britney Tells Danielle Mike Knows #BB14

She tells Danielle that Mike knows she is a nurse.  He gave the following information to support his guess:

*  She knew a lot about some drugs they discussed, and talked about kilograms of meds
*  She talked a lot about kilocalories
*  She knew how to use the medical tape yesterday--I guess she taped up the basketball (?)
*  She is not a morning person (AT ALL) and says if she was a teacher she would be used to getting up early

Danielle says "Ding Ding Boogie" and says she is a nurse and a medical student. 

Danielle:  But what is he saying about me being a nurse?

Britney:  Nothing really.  But people were talking about this in the early weeks of the game, so I assume he has talked about it.  He's more intuitive then you think.

Britney wants a Shane update from last night.

Danielle:  He's so afraid of his feelings for me...he just puts up a wall and is mean to me!


Now she is saying that Shane doesn't know what she really does, and he doesn't know that she can "travel like that"  (snaps).  She knows he was hurt by some girl in North Carolina, but she doesn't want to live her life in fear.

Britney:  Well, if he's being a douche to you, my advice is...

Danielle:  To be a bitch?

Briney:  No, but if he's going to be a douche to you, then just give up on the romantic part of it.

Danielle:  But when I backed off that time, he was so sweet to me!

Britney:  Because he wants you to be into him..that's how they are.

Danielle goes on an on.  Britney says there are two aspects to this.  If they were in the real world, Britney would tell her to cool off and hang out as friends.  Danielle says she's tried to do that.

Britney:  Well, when he asks you to cuddle with him, say no!  You can be cute about it, but say no!

She wisely tells Danielle there is nothing she can do to fix things now.  She is just setting herself up to get hurt.  After this is over and he goes back to Vermont, then she can figure it out.  Everything Britney says, Danielle says she already knows, and it's not her...she's not trying to make out with him, stop trying to hold her hand, stop giving her mixed signals, just stop.

(I thought she was mad because he was mean to her...that doesn't sound mean to me.)

Danielle:  Both times we've kissed, he's initiated it!  He's the one who came out to the ship to kiss me!

Britney tries to calm her down.  The DR is waiting for Danielle and she is trying to slap makeup on.  Britney asks "Caleb" to call someone else in there and we get FISH.

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