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Big Brother After Dark - The New Old HOH - 8-17-12 #BB14

This episode aired on Showtime at 9:00 pm BBT on Thursday night, and in the wee hours of Friday where I live.

The live show happened earlier this evening, and Wil was evicted.  Shane won the endurance HOH, which involved speed, balance, and cardiovascular strength.  Britney won Safety for the week.  Jenn, Ashley and Dan were also going for the Safety prize, and had to change course quickly when Britney won the prize.

Mike Boogie is the only player who played for $10,000, so he won it easily.  I'm pretty sure Mike will live to regret that decision fairly soon.  But I'm not sure he will actually admit that.


1.  When the show begins, a few of the house guests are sitting around the living room chatting.  Mike, Shane, Frank, Britney, Ian and Danielle were there.  Maybe Dan too.  They discuss Ian's armpits, and talk about how red his skin is in that area.

Then they discuss Joe, who is apparently not in the room.  They discuss how Joe wanted to come in the house "full Guy Fieri", wearing a faux hawk that was the same color as the landing strip on his chin.  Production couldn't go for that, so they made him change the color.

They discuss how Joe made it on the show at the last minute.  Britney didn't know that, so they told her that Joe had called his wife and said he was coming home, and then the next day he ended up going in the house.

(Of course, we know that Mike the Sailing Instructor was featured on the CBS commercial, and was out of the game the very next day.  This must have happened right at the last minute.)

The house guests start guessing which guy from sequester got cut. Several of them think it was the "tall guy with the full sleeve of tats" and Ian says it could be "the old Asian dude".

Production doesn't like anything about this conversation and warns them several times.  The camera change several times to show us Jenn laying in the Boom Boom Room with a bandana over her eyes. You can tell she is pissed off just from looking at the way her jaw is set.

Danielle talks about the many times she fell during the competition.  Ian doesn't think it was an endurance competition, since the last man standing didn't win.  He thinks it was a physical competition and Shane is on the fence about the proper classification.

2.  Britney went off on a tangent about the shitty competition last year where they won the right to see the show "Same Name" with David Hasselhoff.  Mike said that one of the producers of that show also produced Famous Foods and Britney rolled her eyes.  They talk about how stupid that show was.  Jordan won that competition and they ate sushi and watched the show with the Hoff.

Britney discusses the luxury competition in BB12, where the guys fought to grab the same bandanas and they all won the right to watch The Other Guys.  Dan hosted a competition during BB11 and it was horrible.  Dan had fun, but during the downtime of the competition the house guests were really mean to Jeff and were just ripping on him about his spelling error, etc.  Dan said it was really tense and horrible and he couldn't believe it.

Dan told Jeff and Jordan to just keep their heads up, that America loved them.  (I guess they are having the last laugh, huh?)  Jessie Godderz was also there and was not happy to see Dan at all.  No love lost there, after Dan won BB10.

3.  After the commercial Ian is describing how the Wikipedia page for BB lists the voting history, and the different colored bars for each house guest.

Dan:  I'm expecting an elaborate Wikipedia page, with colorful bars and graphs....

Ian:  Oh, our BB14 page will be huge, because of the reset.

They wonder what Wil is doing, and conclude he is likely drinking right now.  Then they discuss BB9 and Ian said that there was "no thinking that year", and they would nominate someone just because they didn't like them.

Ian:  They wanted a cast that would just frickin' was a winter season and they just wanted Showtime to be off the chain.  Half of that cast did, like frickin' drugs, and they gave them a lot of booze..

Shane:  If we had booze, we could rage too..

Ian:  And Dan was supposed to be on BB9.  Can you imagine that?  Father Dan in there with that crowd?

Britney says that Matt Hoffman was supposed to be on BB11 (His wedding was scheduled for the Finale day, so he had to say no.)  Then she starts saying that Dan was told he needed to come in and just "shoot some extra footage". and the cameras change.

We see Frank fast asleep in Skid Row, with a bandana tied over his eyes.

4.  Then we go back to the living room where they are discussing college graduation.  Danielle sat for 4 1/2 hours to wait her turn to walk up and get her degree.  Britney took 16 hours or more every semester in college, and never went to summer school, but still graduated in 3 1/2 years.  She majored in Communications and Spanish and was already working so she did that instead of marching.

Britney says the key is to have both majors be in the same college, so that the classes count towards both programs.  Ian's mom wanted him to back out of BB, and begged him "the night before additional footage" not to do it.  Ian's dad didn't even know.  When Ian was about to go to Semi Finals he asked his dad if he would ever go on a Reality show and his dad made a disparaging comment about it, so they didn't tell him.

Mike asks Sam to please let him go next to the DR, since he is tired and everybody else is a night owl.

Britney's mom went to "the first convention" for the first episode of Survivor.  They told her she couldn't be on the show because she couldn't swim.  But then they cast Gervais on the show and he couldn't swim.  They let him wear a life vest, so after that her mom was pissed and didn't apply again.  For the interview process they did things like bring a monkey in the room to see what she would do around them.

Her Mom is named Teresa, and Britney says her personality is just like her's, except more extreme.  She is really mean to Britney's step dad when he tries to give her innovative gifts.  They asked her what she looks like and Britney says she is attractive.  They have the same body, but her face is different.

She came to the Wrap Party of BB12 but she and Britney were catching up--Britney wanted to know about her house.  Alison and Rich from Production are the ones who told Britney that her house burned down, but we didn't get to hear the exact words that were said.  We saw Frank sleeping instead.

Britney lost some things she couldn't replace, things she bought on her backpacking travels.  And some pictures got charred.  Nothing she lost was very expensive, but there was sentimental value.

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5.  After commercial they are talking about Wil and his music career.  Britney can't remember why his first record deal failed, but the second time he was in Germany and the guy who signed him went insane, or something like that.  When he tried out for American Idol the judges told him that they didn't like his looks, his clothes, but he was wearing exactly what Adam Lambert would wear.  So Wil thinks they took Adam instead of him.  (I guess that was the same season?)

They try to guess what kind of music Wil sings, and what his genre is.  I think they are missing the fact that Wil started this at age 13, and was part of the boy band movement.  They are thinking that he was a serious artist, and I don't think that was the case.

Britney says he just got signed to a label in Louisville.  Joe asked who else in the house is lying about their profession?  Dan jokes that he is an executive chef.

(Mike talked about this earlier today. He said he was watching Danielle's face when this was discussed.  He knows she is lying.  You can see that here.)

6.  Britney baked cookies and Danielle didn't know they were ready--she was in the DR when they came out of the oven, apparently.   Britney is begging Ian to do a BB12 recap for her.  Ian didn't want to do it--he is tired and wants to get out of it. 

Britney voted for Kaysar and Janelle to go on BB7.  Mike said Chicken George actually put on a chicken suit and went around the country to campaign for votes.  The Early Show wouldn't even have him on, even though they were promoting the BB7 vote.  Ian is surprised that Jase got the viewer's vote, because he "wasn't particularly liked by the viewers".

Britney:  I liked Jase.

Ian:  I liked the Horseman.  I liked Scott Long.

Mike went to a charity event in Oklahoma and Cowboy (BB5) was there with a "400 pound dude" even though he wasn't scheduled to participate.  He kept showing up to the events and at one point jumped into the limo with the "400 pound dude".  The woman who was running the event didn't have the guts to tell him that he wasn't invited, and the limo only had room for seven people.

Mike says it was a Fire Lake Casino and Will got in good with some lady who ran it.  They went three years in a row.  Showtime went to commercial and we missed some chatter about this, unfortunately.  Dan went too, the year that the Cowboy incident happened, and mentioned that they also ran over a lady's foot in a rickshaw.  (?)

7.  Ian says there were 5 or 6 Jennifers or Jenns on Big Brother.  He went through the list of Jenns.  Mike thought Jenn from BB6 was cute.  (I think she just became a Knicks dancer.)

Danielle wishes there weren't two other Danielle's on BB.  Ian goes through the people with unusual names on the show (Monet, Enzo, Memphis...)

At 1:05 into the show, Shane bursts out of the DR and asks the question, "Who wants to see my HOH room?"  They went upstairs and this is the first time that they go ahead and open the door, even though not all of the HG were there.

He sees the picture of Dozer his dog first and picks it up, saying his name in his "doggy voice".   He got Lucky Charms, Chips Ahoy, Reese Cups, and a few pair of new footie socks.  He hugged Jenn and thanked her for coming upstairs, even thought she is in pain.  They all say how hot Shane's sister is, and then that Dozer got the looks in the family.

His sister wrote the letter, and calls him "Broseph"  This is the longest time she's ever gone without talking to him, and she misses him but the house is cleaner.  She gives an update about the families activities, and they all miss him, etc.  She signs off "Get 'Er Done, Shannon".   She went on a July 4th cruise on  Lake that Mike was familiar with---Lake Winnamasockee or something like that.

In his fridge he got some string cheese, fresh fruit, some salsa and Monster.  He also got Blue Moon beers and put that in the fridge. He didn't get any coffee.  Britney opened up his turkey jerky and he had some too.  The CD is Akon and some of them have never heard of   Akon.

Shane's sister Shannon used to date his friend Ron.  She is moving to Concord NH, where Mike grew up, with some guy.  Mike is going to look her up when he visits his mom this year and will give Shane a call, too.  He can take Shane to the "hot spots in Concord" and they laugh about that.

Mike and Dan left the room to go to bed.  Britney is singing in a sing-song voice that "Shane can't nominate me, no matter how mean I am..."  Ian doesn't have a shirt on and I can see where his underarms are red.

Danielle is listening to the CD and Shane tells her it is from 2008.  Ashley is downstairs and is going to bed, too.

7.  Frank finally shows up in the HOH--I guess he was still sleeping before.  He looks at Shane's pictures in a half-ass way, but then goes over and gets a Chips Ahoy.  Ashley comes up with a big announcement---they have 2 bottles of wine and 7 beers in the storage room.  That is a lot of booze, comparatively.

Britney is going to split a bottle of wine with Danielle.  Ian just wants to "watch TV".  (ha ha)  Seeing the booze gave Ashley a second wind.  They went to storage and gathered all of the booze to take it up to the HOH. Joe plans to drink a whole bottle of wine. They got the opener and some glasses and went upstairs with it all.

The pan of cookies Britney baked is still on the counter, with one large cookie still in the pan.

(No wonder the ants came back the next day....)

Ian isn't going to drink, and tells the former Have Nots to enjoy his share.  Frank is subdued and unusually quiet.  I think he must have been sleeping soundly.  They agree that drinking in the HOH is "so VIP".  Shane is having one glass of red wine, and Joe is going to drink the rest.  Britney and Danielle are drinking the bottle of Chardonnay.

They all clink and congratulate Shane.  Joe jokes about his "strong 4th place finish" in the competition.  Shane's favorite beer is Heineken Light and Ian scoffs at the "Light" part of that.  Shane says the best cheap light beer is Keystone Light.  Ashley likes the baby Mickey's.  Joe says those are called Little Kings.

Frank goes downstairs and says goodnight.  Ashley wishes they could put the music over the speaker so they can all hear it.  Danielle and Britney each listen to the CD with one of the headphones and they both headbob at the same time. They're cute doing that, and they're digging the songs.  Ashley is rubbing the top of Ian's head while they sit on the HOH couch.  Danielle says she's watching him and they all laugh.

They discuss what could happen if Shane is tempted with Pandora's Box.  He could win money.  And then someone brings up how much money Mike has mad---so far he is up to $16,000.  Britney says that amount of money cold make a huge difference to any of them....and Mike is the one who took the money.

(Mike's in trouble.  Big time.)    We see a quick flash of  Skid Row, where Mike and Frank are both sleeping.  You can hear loud breathing, and also BB warning the HOH crew not to talk about Production.  Ian is talking about Bonnie from Casting--they think she does casting across the Southeast.

So of course we have to see Frank sleeping again. 

8.  Now back to the HOH, where the wine is hitting Joe in a good way. He says he looked over at Shane and Shane looked like he was shuffling in the park.  He demonstrated and it was funny.  BB had to tell Ashley to stop putting liquid in Safety after Britney won.  Mike told Joe to just quit, and to save himself for the POV and not get hurt.  No one liked that and I think some were offended on behalf of Joe.

Now they discuss that Frank was upset a little that he couldn't play for safety or the prize, since he couldn't play for HOH.  Britney points out TWICE that Frank got saved by the reset button.

Dan:  Britney why did you push that button?

Britney laughs and says, okay Dan.  Danielle heard exactly what Dan said, and repeats it.  Dan disagrees and says he went in there and the button was already pressed.  Britney says that Janelle said nearly every day that she was going in the game.  Joe says that Janelle told him she wouldn't go in the game, because she had three players in the game and had better chances that way.

9.  Now the lights were on on Skid Row and Frank is bitching about BB not letting them prop the HOH door open upstairs.  He says they "didn't say shit when we were playing poker up there with the door open".  And the cameras change.

And Britney is pointing out AGAIN that Frank got saved from eviction with a Reset.  Joe says you never know in this game what is going to happen.  Shane says that based on Mike's workouts, he would expect him to do better in the competitions then he has.  Shane even thinks he could have won HOH tonight and Britney agrees.  With Mike's height and agility, he would have been a contender.

Joe points out that if the competition is "brute strength", he's winning.  Ian thinks the next competition will involve counting, or be a "how bad do you want it" type of thing.

Ian:  If it's How Bad do you Want It, you can all just stop playing.  Because I'll do anything......I'll shit in a bucket and sit in it....I don't care...I just want to wear it.  (the POV, I guess)

10.  It's really hot in the HOH and Shane politely asks BB to turn on the A/C for them.  Now they discuss the How Bad Do You Want It comp in BB12.  Matt Hoffman said that he was buzzing in to win all of the bad prizes (that's the week he went home) but Britney disputes that.  She walked over to Ian and whispered in his ear and he said, "Interesting".

They thought about movies that were coming out this summer, to guess if a movie star might host a compeition.  They say Vince Vaughn has a movie coming out and Britney and Danielle go crazy.  Britney says several times that she is IN LOVE with Vince Vaughn. Shane said what if Justin Timberlake comes in?

They both squealed and Britney said she can't stand if he comes in.

I have to cut this one off about 20 minutes before the show ends, but I think this cover the high points.

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