Saturday, July 28, 2012

Yes, Jenn is Still in the BB House. #BB14

She just told the group a riveting story about visiting Manassas (sp?) Virginia to see her friend Daniel's band play.

Jenn's group went down front in the pit for the show, and a guy came up and punched her in the face.  Her friends all jumped in to help her, saying, "don't you know who she is?", and "Jenn's cool" and so forth.  Jenn got to hit the guy twice in the ribs and then once in the face before security removed him. A lot of people started beating on him but Jenn didn't know if he required hospitalization or not.

The house guests loved the part of the story about Jenn hitting him and she had to repeat it a few times for them.

Jenn points out for the cameras that violence is not the answer and they all laugh. But this guy came up and hit a girl and he got what was comin' to him.

She is very animated telling the story, waving her arms around.

After they were removed, she and "her crew" had to leave too, and head back to D.C. She was worried that once the police came she would be in trouble, too.  She called her friend Daniel and told him she enjoyed the set, but she had to leave because of the fight.  The guy was just windmilling and kicking and Jenn said it looks like Kung Fu fighting.

Janelle:  Is that fun? Is it fun to do that?

Jenn:  Well, I'm not into that.  You'd have to ask the people who like to do it.

She explains that metal shows are very different.  And that the fans are mostly big teddy bears.  (No one brings up Adam Poch---ha ha that's killing him I'm sure.)  Janelle's husband likes rock bands and shows.

Jenn:  I mean, if a girl wants to start a fight with me, then fine let's have at it.  But if some guy hits me.....

She found out later that the guy who hit her was a skinhead, and this started a whole conversation that I think is unique for BB house guests.

Janelle wanted to know how you can tell someone is a skinhead, and there is a lot of back and forth during this conversation.

Jenn explains that the typical skinhead:

*  wears a white wife beater and black pants
*  has a shaved head
*  wears red laces in their Doc Marten boots
*  may have Nazi symbol tats, or spiderweb tats on their elbows
*  may have bleached out their eyebrows, or their hair
*  the girls have shaved heads, but tendrils of hair at their temples

According to Jenn, those tattoos are "straight up jailbird stuff", and that some people might get the spiderwebs not knowing the meaning of them.

Janelle asked if all skin heads are dangerous, and Jenn said that if someone believes what they believe in, and are ready to back it up, they are all dangerous.

Jenn:  Some clubs wont' let 'em in.   If I go into a club and see some of that shit...I'm out.  I'm a Puerto Rican woman!  I'm out of there!

She found out later that that area of Virginia had some strong skinhead activity.  Wil was in Berlin and could spot the skin heads immediately.  They discussed gay bashing from the skinheads, in addition to their ethnic hatred.

Then Frank and Jenn started talking about Gucci Mane's ice cream cone tattoo with three scoops.  Frank raps a line or two from his songs about it and Jenn laughs.

Britney:  I have no idea what you just said!

Somehow the conversation turns to Julie Chen, who Wil wants to rise up in a hologram from the middle of the dining table.  He starts imitating Julie and it is hilarious.  He uses the pauses like Julie does, and they all crack up.

Wil:  Houseguests......

(There is no way they can't show some of that on TV at some point. Or Julie will ask Wil about it on the live show.)

Janelle is wearing a pool cover up as a dress today and doesn't have a strapless bra.  Wil says she looks cute, but he can see her nipples.  Wil said he likes that look. (I couldn't see them from where I am, thousands of miles away...)

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