Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tidbits from the HOH PowWow #BB14

The summit between the Janelle and Britney Mentor teams continues in the HOH.  As of right now, they plan to keep Frank, but Britney knows it is too early to decide.  They feel Frank is very dangerous, and plan to get rid of him by week 5 or 6, but they want to cripple Dan by evicting Kara.

Britney says Dan came in the HOH to talk yesterday and he is so good, she was ready to quit her Mentor position to join Dan's team.

JoJo is attending the meeting in her bikini.  I'm sure that is a little irritating to the other ladies.  I know the guys are looking, but most of them have expressed their wish at some point that JoJo shut the eff up.

Look, Paris is just outside!

Shane and Ashley are there, too.  Shane's puka shells are there, too, but are hiding under his blue crew neck T-shirt.

And let's talk about Willie.  At the moment, he is super powerful.  He is the HOH, and has been for over one week.  It is hard to remember that he is not a returning player, but a newbie.  He told Frank last night that they are playing together, but just put on a convincing show that he is working with the Janelle and Britney teams.

If you're a Big Brother fan, then you know that after Tuesday (?) all of Willie's HOH power is gone.  As soon as the POV Ceremony is over, Willie's reign is effectively over.  I think Shane plans not to use the POV he won yesterday, but even if he does, once Willie names a replacement nominee, he's done.

Everyone instinctively starts preparing for the next week, since Willie can't play for HOH on Thursday.  Willie's been the HOH for the whole game now.  It's hard to imagine him being a Have Not, or having to beg not to be nominated, but it's going to happen.  It's coming...but can Willie handle it?

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