Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Cheese Stands Alone #BB14

Willie Hantz is the only creature stirring now inside the Big Brother 14 house.  He took a shower, had what looked like cereal, and is now enjoying peeling and eating a fresh orange.

(Take a gander at all of those products lined up over the sink in the bathroom.  Willie touched a few of them, but didn't help himself to them.  He's no metrosex'al, that's for sure.)

I don't think Willie has been alone for more than a couple of minutes since he entered the Big Brother house.

Being HOH for nearly two weeks will do that to you.

They are locked down inside so I'm sure he is DYING for a cigarette.

He went in the storage room and got some asprin or Advil, throwing it in his mouth without drinking.  The camera crew practices their shots.

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