Friday, July 13, 2012

Situation Normal, All Eff'ed Up #BB14

You know that is what 'SNAFU' stands for, right?

This time of year requires an extreme amount of patience.  The Big Brother Super Fans wait all year for the Season Kick-Off, and then we are besieged with technical difficulties.  I'm not a techie by any stretch of the imagination, but I manage to get by and figure it out with the help of some good online resources and connections.

There is a HUGE rush of internet activity as the show kicks off, and everybody needs a day or so to get things under control.  For example:

1.  SuperPass live feeds look fine, however the rewind and flashback capabilities aren't working yet.  I'm sure they will fix this soon.

2.  Live FeedWatchers like me use a BB viewer to watch the live feeds.  This allows us to take screenshots easily and quickly, and makes it easier to have the live feeds in one corner of the computer screen while working in another window.  You know, "work" like writing live feed updates, and trying to keep my clients happy and unaware of my summer Reality addiction.

There has been some drama in this area this year---my old standby BBLite appears to be defunct this year so I have selected a new feed viewer to try.  It's not up and running yet, but it will be (***fingers crossed***).  This is normal for this time of year, I guess.  I like to visit the 'Help' forum at JokersUpdates to keep on the latest in this area.  Thanks Jokerette, for doing what you do over there.

3.  RTVZone had some difficulties encoding and uploading their first live podcast.  I plan to watch that as soon as possible and recap it here.

Showtime Big Brother After Dark was right on time last night with their first 3 hour show. The show will normally air EVERY NIGHT at 12:00 am EST and runs for three hours.  Last night they started an hour late, since they were waiting for the west coast premier to conclude.

I've received a couple of questions about the difference between BBAD and the Live Feeds.  The live feeds are four continuous camera shots inside the BB house.  The cameras shift frequently, but the live feed screen only features four at a time.  You can watch all four ("quad view") or you can select just one to watch.

The nightly Showtime broadcast of BBAD is the live feed, but only one camera at a time.  You can't choose which camera--they do it for you. But trust that they strive to choose the busiest, juiciest camera views for you.  After all, it's Showtime, people.  Bow-chicka-bow-wow....

I just ordered Showtime yesterday.  I use Comcast cable, and they are running a special right now where you can order Showtime for $10 a month, for up to 12 months.  So I signed up and plan to cancel when BB14 is over.  Even with the live feeds, it's a nice option for the Big Brother Super Fan.

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