Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Shane Goes Drag #BB14

Yes, the title is correct.

I was on the telephone and saw Shane getting made up by JoJo and started taking pictures.  I wasn't listening to the sound, and I wasn't missing it.  The visual gave me enough---all I could handle.

I have no idea what prefaced this activity.

I went about my business and when I came back I saw Shane sitting at the dinner table, talking a blue streak and flailing his hands around.

I had to unmute the sound, and heard him speaking in falsetto as "Shanie" and puttng some little type of "show" with JoJo, who was being Extra Jersey in kind of tough girl role.

"Shanie" has bobbie pins in his hair, too.

JoJo started talking about going to get "Shanie" a tampon, and asking him what kind he wanted.  "Shanie" started saying he didn't know, it was his first time being a girl.

No, I'm not kidding you.

He got up and hugged Ashley at the door and she was flabberghasted.  I don't think she had any idea what was going on and as she reacted, it was almost like she thought he was coming out or something.

Ashley:  Oh.  That's great!

He went over and sat next to Danielle at the dining table and made eye contact with her.  When she looked away he tried to hold her hand under the table and she pulled away, saying "Stop!  You're freaking me out!"

I overheard Frank in the distance telling Shane that he did have a pretty face.

(Stop it Shanie.  You're freaking me out, too.)

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