Friday, July 27, 2012

Pancakes with Joe #BB14

Yes, Joe was making pancakes.  And he used A LOT of oil.  You can see the pool of oil in the pan.

I think this is what we don't see in restaurants---what goes on behind the scenes.  Restaurant chefs are all about speed, and lots of hot fat gets the food going very quickly.  It also makes it taste good...unfortunately.

I went to K Paul's in New Orleans once, the restaurant owned by the famous chef Paul Prudhomme.  Everyone at the table was oohing and aahhing over the delicious mashed potatoes.  There is a little courtyard you would walk through on the way to the restrooms where you could see the kitchen activity.  I gathered to watch them cook and was ASTOUNDED to see the HUGE globs of butter that were used in those mashed potatoes.

And I don't know if he's alive or not, but Chef Prudhomme was so large, he had to move around on a rolling stool instead of standing.

So I don't think we can blame Joe ---it's the industry we should blame.

FYI I think Joe's insistence on wearing his Chef's coat for formal BB events like the live show indicates his desires to be a TV chef.  I haven't heard him say this myself, but have read on other sites that he has tried out for Top Chef a number of times. 

I think Hell's Kitchen is probably more his speed, or maybe Chopped.  But whatever...

The house guests used to complain about Joe and his constant cooking during the first week of the live feeds, but that seems to have calmed down now.  They complained about him using a lot of the pantry food, or making heavy dishes. 

I guess there are so many other things to complain about now that having someone cook for them seems minor, right?

I wonder if Joe has had his cholesterol checked lately? 

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