Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mike Trashes Atlanta #BB14

Specifically, the quality of the Atlanta labor market.  He owns a 'bowling lounge' in Atlanta right now --Ten Pin Alley.   Joe asks how he got into it and he explains that Kenny Rogers approached Mike and his partners about options in a new mixed-use development in midtown Atlanta (Atlantic Station).

Mike explains that Atlanta is highly segregated market and when the economy crashed the housing units didn't sell and went "section 8".   He said the labor market was the laziest he's seen, and he wanted to "go on record" and say that.   He hated traveling to Atlanta so when the housing development went under, they closed the restaurants.  (Geisha House and a steak house).

Most of what he said about Atlantic Station was true, but he omitted the part about suspected arson at the building site (dozens of homeowners lost their homes which were under construction) and the rash of armed robberies they have during the DAYTIME.

[No one I know goes there anymore.  The underground parking garage is scary as hell, even during the day.]

He also didn't mention that Ashton and Demi were two of the marquee investors.  I remember they came to town  a few times when the restaurants were opening to create publicity.

Danielle has been to Atlantic Station a few times--she drove over from Alabama but under questioning Mike said she visited under the previous management.

Joe wants to talk to Mike after the show and share his business plan--he wants to open a multi-unit casual dining chain based on his 'mad love cooking" concept.  I didn't hear him mention Smashmouth Burger but maybe I missed it.  (You can read about that here.)

Ashley compliments Danielle's boobs in that top and wonders how it stays up.

Kara is outside too, and the camera men  like her, it seems.

On the other hand, Jenn is basking in the sun, too.

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