Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Mentor Twins - Janelle and Britney #BB14

These two are BFFs in the house.

They are having a meeting in the HOH with Janelle and Britney's teams.  They are basically planning to evict Kara but have a brief side meeting to trash and make fun of Danielle and also Ian.

Janelle announces that she doesn't find anything that Ian says or does amusing.  Britney thinks everything he does is an effort to be on TV and he constantly comments that "this might make the show...this will get 1 1/2 minutes of air time".

Wil gets in on it and dramatically says that Ian is an attention whore and is here for the exposure.  They also think Ian may be America's Player because he is in the DR constantly.

Britney also applied deodorant, in case you feel that is important.

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