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Let's Walk Down Memory Lane with Willie Hantz #BB14

 If you follow the Big Brother drama like a Super Fan, then you know something Really, Really Big went down last night.

Janelle won the Coach's Challenge and appointed Britney's team to be Have Nots this week.  (Ian also volunteered so she wouldn't have to appoint anyone else.)

There was a lot of tension in the house as Willie moved into the Have Not room, slamming things around.  To make things worse for him, there was an Indoor Lockdown, so he couldn't go outside and smoke.  Nicotine calms perturbed smokers like a baby sucks a pacifier. 

(Proud non-smoker here --three year anniversary on 7-8-12.  Quit the night of the BB11 premier after I was too buzzed to go and buy a new pack.)

The group in the HOH room was relaxing and celebrating.  Willie came upstairs in a clear state of panic and anger and acknowledged that he expected to be nominated and voted out, and that he "would be evicted first".   Then he left the room and that was the last I saw of Willie on the live feeds.

Also,  I didn't see this part myself, but I read on Jokers that Willie told Britney downstairs that he was going to "knock someone out".

**Caution:  I also read on Jokers that Willie was listening in at the HOH door, but this is incorrect.  The HOH crew saw him coming upstairs on the spy cam and ran to the door to lock it but they weren't fast enough.  So he didn't have time to listen in to their conversation***

After Willie stormed out, the HOH crew watched the spy screen for about 15 seconds. Joe commented that everyone downstairs was terrified, and they wondered if Willie was going to hit Frank.

Then the feeds went to TRIVIA for over three hours.  The feeds returned about 30 minutes before BBAD started, and Willie was gone.  Production ordered pizza for the cast, and I think the new Have Nots got to eat it, too.

Ian and Janelle tried to tell the live feeders what happened during the break, but the feeds kept switching around.  Also, there was so much activity that the feeds got slow and choppy, as hundreds and hundreds of Super Fans logged in to see the action for themselves.

Apparently Willie started throwing pork rinds at Janelle and called her a Bitch and maybe a Cunt.  (Note that the Have Nots were given Pork Rinds & Pudding by the fans this week.)  Now, cursing at Janelle and throwing fried salty snacks don't sound like enough of a problem to get ejected to me.

But what happened next was surely Willie's downfall.  He reportedly "headbutted" Joe Arvin at least once, but up to four times according to some accounts.  This caused him to be removed from the game. 

I saw Joe later on the live feeds and he appeared to be okay.   We will see the CBS viewpoint of this on Sunday night, since that show is scheduled to cover everything up until the Nomination Ceremony.

This year, we only saw Willie Hantz as the HOH, and didn't get the chance to see how he would play the game as part of the General Population.   A pity, for the fans.  I hope CBS learns a lesson from this.  Russell is a proven star on Survivor, and is one of the most infamous characters that show has ever seen.  But Brandon Hantz was ill-equipped to play the game, and now Willie Hantz has imploded as well.

Enough with the exploitation CBS.  I hope your Legal and Casting departments have all of their ducks in a row.


Don't read this part if you don't want to know about the upcoming Survivor season.  As a matter of fact, I will print it in white lettering, so you can highlight the text and see it only if you'd like to.  This information comes courtesy of Missyae @TheGameSurvivor, who has a proven inside line on Survivor Spoilers, so I tend to believe it.

Brandon Hantz appeared once more on Survivor #26, which just finished taping a few weeks ago.  The season includes a series of former players---I think they are mixed in with Fans but I'm not sure.  Brandon Hantz LOST IT and his own team asked to have him removed from the game.  He did not go to Ponderosa---he was sent home and I think he spent some time in a hospital. 

OK.  That's all I know.

Let's take a look at some of the highlights of Willie's Big Brother career, which I will classify as Short and Bittersweet,  with a Sour Aftertaste.

Big Brother 14 PreSeason

1.  The casting news caused a huge stir---a local TV station posted an interview with Willie one day before they were supposed to, causing chaos among the fans.  They removed the interview from their website, but you can see it here.

2.  Willie's official SuperPass interview was posted online.  You can read my recap here, along with my predictions for Willie's success.

Willie's HOH Reign

3.  Willie was appointed HOH by Britney after her team won the first HOH competition.  There were early signs of a power struggle on Team Britney, as Britney's coaching skills weren't enough to control her team.  You can read about that here.

4.  Coach Britney can't handle the stress and strain and constantly shows her weaknesses to her team.  The beginning of the end for Willie was when Britney told him that she suspected the Coaches would join the game as players sooner than later.  Willie never did name Britney as his source for this information, but once the words came out of her mouth, the damage was done.  You can see some of the drama for yourself here.

5.  Willie is the driving force behind the Coach's Revolt meeting, which was held the morning after Britney's meltdown.  Willie's objective (I guess.) was to turn the players against the Coaches, with himself as the leader of the entire operation.  You can read about that here.

6.  Willie issued three Tweets during his reign as an HOH.  You can see them here and here.

7.  Everything came to a head during the season's first Fight, which featured Willie verbally attacking Frank, before Mike Boogie got in on some of the trash talking himself.  Willie was extremely emotional, and was no match for the likes of Mike Boogie.  I watched this unfold on Big Brother After Dark and provided a concise but accurate account of the Fight here.

8.  Willie's HOH blog was a short one, but may have been a clear signal that he was unable to control his feelings as things spun out of control.  You can read it here.

The Beginning of the End

9.  The Coach's Competition ended, and chaos swirled in the Big Brother house.  This post recounts the last sighting of Willie on the live feeds (for me, at least.)

10.  Shortly after the live feeds returned over three hours later, Willie Hantz was no more in the Big Brother 14 house, and nominations of his former teammates had taken place.  The camera crew show us the picture wall where Willie's picture had faded to black and white.

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