Friday, July 13, 2012

JoJo Lays Waste to a Box of Triscuits #BB14

She interrupted a Team Boogie planning meeting by plopping down on the couch and starting a conversation about herself.  Did she do a good job hosting?  Did she screw anything up?  Wasn't it great that her green bikini fit the theme of the challenge?  (money)

Mike Boogie totally patronizes her and she doesn't even know it.  He compliments her and says, yes, you could probably host as a career.  JoJo is oblivious to this and also to the fact that Frank is on the block and just lost the POV.
JoJo:  **crunch crunch crunch**

FYI  Last year there was a scandal about the Triscuits.  Whenever a box of them appeared in the Storage Room Porsche would apparently hide them and bogart those crunchy crackers.  Big Jeff got mad about this--he wanted some too.  I pictured Production laughing their ass off, doling out one box at a time from the huge crate full of Nabisco crackers on set.

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