Saturday, July 28, 2012

Joe's Got a 'Tude Tonight #BB14

Joe is in the Arcade with Danielle and Ashley, saying it would take divine intervention for Shane to change his nominations in Joe's favor.

Joe:  I'll tell you one thing...if it looks like I'm goin', I'm not sleeping in there in that Have Not room!  Janelle said it would be a one-vote penalty---I'll stay on the diet on principle, but I won't sleep on that bed!

Dani, with a tone:  I slept on that bed for 12 days!

Now they tell Joe not to throw in the towel, but he says he's a realist.  They remember it is Wil's birthday and Dani runs to the DR to ask them for a cake for Wil.  They think tonight might be the sushi party that Britney won but they're not sure.

Now he and Ashley joke that Shane could open Pandora's Box and find his nominations cancelled.  (Only if he puts Frank up to backdoor him...I don't think CBS will care about Joe.)

Mike is going to train Ashley for the next four days, hard, and by the live eviction night she will look and feel great.  She is very excited and says he is her inspiration.

Ian asked Mike if he has seen Three's Company.

Mike says Have I?  And they launch into a short conversation about the show.  Sometimes Ian stays up until 3:00 am to watch the show.

Frank checks his look in the glass.  Team Boogie is jubilant, and Joe walks around the perimeter of the  kitchen while they cook.  He must be miserable--and hungry. 

It is obvious Frank, Boogie and Ian don't have a care in the world, and this is sure to bring trouble.  Ian looks cute tonight.  Mike Boogie put hot sauce on his salmon.  Yum.

 The quality of the salmon is good-they all love it.  Joe says he can't believe it is only $5.99 per pound.  He said it is farmed steelhead salmon, and is very mild and not too fishy.  Last week they had sockeye salmon.  The camera operators try to put a good show on for us tonight, by showing us the packages of fish.

Joe and Frank could easily eat an entire filet themselves.  Joe has to get 4 sides to cook at home because all of his children eat it like crazy, too.  (Damn it's expensive to have 4 kids, huh?)

Joe says they have a nice filet of ahi this week in the storage room that they should use....both Frank and Mike perk up at that and I know they will take that advice.

Mike likes the rub Joe used---it was different than the usual lemon flavor.  This is a good conversation for Joe.  Maybe it will calm him down and help break the ice.  He may need a job from Mike too one day.  Or a reference..
Joe tells Frank about using white pepper, and how most Japanese food calls for it, so you don't see black specks in your food.

Frank just polished off a bowl of Froot Loops.  He doesn't think he had ever had it before coming in the house. 

Frank:  We blew up a lot of Cap'n Crunch, though.

Joe cosigns that, adding Honeycombs to that list.  Frank has never had those either.

Earlier Mike Boogie joked that America got the joke, but awarding the Have Nots Froot Loops and salmon.

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