Saturday, July 28, 2012

Jenn Hosted the POV #BB14

and she just came up to thank Shane for choosing her.  He says she did a great job and rocked the outfit.

That is a cute costume.  I guess they had a circus theme, since Ashley is dressed like a clown.

Shane wants to be voted America's Favorite, but when Britney explains what America's Player is, and how they win $20,000, he tells the camera to pick him--he's ready.

He wants Joe to go.  They see Team Janelle on the Spy Cam and hope they don't come up.  Shane mocks what Janelle must be saying to her team.

Shane:  Joe didn't even last 30 seconds on that thing!  God! I wish Wil could go this week....

Britney:  Wil was the first one out and he was the best in practice.

Shane:  Well Joe, you came in a clown and you left as a clown!

Wow.  Shane is an interesting guy.  A hater for sure.  It takes anger to kick ass every time.

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