Sunday, July 22, 2012

Jeff & Jordan Pay the Bills

A month or so ago, I reported that Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd moved out west together and furnished their small starter apartment with furniture from a store called Jerome's.  You can catch up with that info here, if you'd like.

Well, it's time for them to pay for that furniture, with a few personal appearances.  Jerome's even named a sectional sofa after Jordan! This is from Jerome's website.

UPCOMING EVENT: Meet Jeff & Jordan at Jerome's for photos, meet and greet and Q&A!

The new season of Big Brother is upon us. With a premiere July 12th it brings back memories from past summers spent watching all the hijinks in the house. Two of the most loved players from recent past are Jeff & Jordan. Yes they are still together and have recently moved to Southern California. As most people do after a move, they needed some furniture – and guess where they came? You guessed it – Jerome’s.

They liked what they saw so much they not only furnished their new digs with the "Jordan" Sectional, "Manhattan" Master bedroom, & "Monique" Dinette, but they agreed to come back to meet our customers! That’s right – Jeff and Jordan will be in our Rancho Cucamonga Showroom on July 21st and at our Morena Showroom on August 4th ready to meet you. They’ll be there from 1PM to 4PM to meet and greet, take photos with fans and answer questions. They really are as likable in person as they are on TV. (maybe even more)

Come say hello, see what furniture they chose for their own home, and enjoy.

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