Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Is Britney Judas? #BB14

Now Britney approaches King Willie, who is holding court in the HOH room, and tells him that the other coaches were "outside freaking out" about being excluded from the meeting.

Shane is topless, with bare feet.

[I watched them, and no one was "freaking out".  They were discussing weddings.]

Shane seems thisclose to Willie Hantz, and professes his allegience to Willie.  Now they discuss Joe and that he can't be trusted---he is too close to Janelle.

I guess he told Willie during the Coach's Revolt that he thought Willie was playing too hard, too fast.

Britney reports that Joe ran right to Janelle to talk to her..and she says all Janelle has to do is turn one of Boogie's people in order to keep Kara.

Willie:  No.  It's not going to happen.  No way.

Britney:  OK. If you feel that way, okay.  I'm not gonna stress about it.

Willie:  Guess who came  up to me and wants to talk?  Ian!  And he never wants to talk strategy...that Ian.

Britney:  Good!  Because I have a good relationship with Ian.  And Ashley does, too.

Shane:  That's because we were all Have Nots together in that room.

Shane has moved across the room, and is splayed about in an alluring manner.

Britney is throwing shade on Janelle, and is sure to pay at some point.

Britney:  The person who screwed up this whole house is Janelle!  By trying to get on Dan's side for her own benefit, for her own side.  She thinks I'm an idiot and can't see it.  She messed it all up last night.

Willie:  She's gonna blow up on somebody..I've watched her seasons, and she always does.  She's gonna blow up.

Willie says he's glad this has happened.  Now it seems that Joe is Enemy #1 since he is tight with Janelle.

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