Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fans are in a Frenzy - Rumors Run Wild! #BB14

The BB14 commercial that was released today displayed the pictures and names of 10 newbie houseguests--5 female and 5 male.  And I'm pretty sure there were an additional two house guests pictured "dancing", bringing the newbie total to twelve.

Is that all?  No, says the 2012 Big Brother Fan of the Year (elected by me) Missyae, @TheGameSurvivor, always ready to chat and slowly spill the beans.

Also, apparently there is a rumor floating out there that Janelle is restless and wants to leave sequester.  Missyae fielded a follower question about this and answered.

That doesn't mean she's not restless, it just means she didn't leave.  This isn't Janelle's first time at the rodeo, people.  I know she misses her daughter Violet and all that, but she knew exactly what she was getting into so I don't think this is true.

Surely Alison Grodner can calm down our Janie with some in-suite beauty treatments like a massage, pedicure, etc.  Bring in a rack of cute clothes and let her choose.  Do whatever you need to do, Alison.  Put it on our tab.

So, who are these other house guests that didn't show up in the commercial today?  According to Missyae, there is at least one former Survivor player who was cast.  And due to his previous legal snafus with CBS (you can read about that here) he is treading lightly on delivering that information.

There may be two Survivors.  I guess we'll see...

I'll say it again:  If it's Boston Rob I will DIE!!!    DIE, I tell you!

This whole Pre Season process is so delicious, I almost want to wait another week or two before the premier.

So he has a few more little detail for us regarding the Mentors, and the whole scene.

It also sounds like Rachel's Mentor spot might be in play..I wouldn't mind her being replaced with another female villain everyone loves to hate like Natalie Martinez (BB11) or Alison Irwin (BB4 and BB7).  But that's just me.  I think if Rachel's iffy it's on the Production side, not Rachel's side.  Just a guess.

And this:

Janelle is supposed to appear on Friday's Rumor Control show on SuperPass.  Is she going to come down with a stomach virus "in Greece"?  Have "Skype trouble" (although that is highly plausible)?

What does this all mean?

Really, I don't know if I can take all of this.  My business is going to go to hell in a handbasket if I don't start minding my P's and Q's.  I usually work my ass off right up until the premier so I can feed my BB addiction without guilt for awhile but all of these rumors are wreaking havoc with the earning of my fat stax, yo!

(Ha ha--I've been watching Breaking Bad to get ready for the July 15th premier of that and I love me some Jessie Pinkman.)  (I don't really talk like that...I have an advanced college degree, yo!)

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