Sunday, July 1, 2012

Evel Dick Entertains the Fans #BB14

Evel Dick is quite the night owl, as anyone who watched the BB8 live feeds knows.  He stayed up all night last night tweeting with fans and friends.

Also, he has stopped protesting that the Mentor Twist rumors are false, and is getting in on the JanelleGate scandal.  This scandal occurred yesterday, but you can catch up on the scandal here and here.

OK. So people have been sending around photoshopped pictures of Janelle and her now-famous Mark Jacobs Vuitton bag in front of the Acropolis, at a Greek fast food place, etc etc etc.  Rachel is even included in a few pictures along with Janelle as they circle the globe on "vacation".

Dick is getting in all of the comedy action by sharing a few pictures of his own.

Please.  Like Janie would be caught dead dressed like that.  Then Dick took a left turn into the truly absurd.

 Dick has some news for us regarding his Dick at Night podcasts.  He is going to "release a video" in the next day or so to give us the details on his show, and also to dispel some rumors.  I'm not sure if the rumors have to do with him being approached or not being approached to be a Mentor this year. 

I guess time will tell.  Evel Dick still isn't smoking, but he doesn't sound very committed.  He says he feels he hasn't actually quit, but is in between his last and next cigarettes.  Speaking from experience, it is very, very hard to quit smoking.  There is the addiction component (nicotine), the physical component (what do I do with my hands now?) and the emotional component (habits die hard).  He almost went to the store to buy a pack on Day #5, but stuck to his guns.  He only used the E-cigarette for the first two days but then quit Cold Turkey.  But tomorrow (Monday) will be one week so that is a big achievement.  Note however, that Dick will NOT be NOT SMOKING in the BB14 house.

Apparently Dick has been in communication with the producers of the new Big Brother Canada program.  I think he lived in Canada at one point.  

And Dick is EXTREMELY bothered by the rumor that we will once again see Rachel this summer on Big Brother.  He REALLY doesn't like seeing her on Big Brother.  He might stop watching Big Brother all together due to this.  But not this year---he has a show to put on.

The two ladies he is tweeting with above are Amy Crews (BB3 Amy, the Cheese Lover) and Jun Song (winner of BB4).

He was also kind enough to answer a few questions about the BB casting process.  (BB:  Dick, STOP THAT!)
And then someone asks about his daughter Danielle.

Aww.  I guess we won't get that happy ending we all hoped for.  In remembrance of happier times, I'll sign off with some classic photos of Dick and Danielle, circa BB8, when Dani's hair was blonder and they were both just a little less angry.

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  1. It would make MY summer IF Evel Dick was one of the house guests on BB14! ~Roz Fruchtman


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