Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The "Coaches Revolt" Meeting Ends #BB14

Willie talked for at least 8 minutes about things we couldn't hear----we had to hear the BB music on all camera shots.  JoJo doesn't look too impressed, does she?

I'm sure it was more of the same---ignore the coaches, play your own game, prepare to compete with them.

Meanwhile on the patio Britney and Janelle go on and on about their wedding preparations.  Britney had 6 big binders with a picture of her and Ryan on the cover for the wedding party.  Janelle was irritated that people said they would attend hers, but didnt' show up and Janelle had to pay for their $40 dinner.

The meeting broke up and the newbies head back outside.  Mike Boogie napped through the entire episode.  I guess it was nice and quiet in his bedroom with everyone gone.

Joe goes with Janelle to the Arcade and fills her in on everything.  He says that Willie claims to have knowledge that the Coaches will come in the game. 

Janelle:  How does he know that?  Who told him that?

Joe:  He wouldn't say...he couldn't say...

[Wait until Janelle finds out BRITNEY told Willlie!]

Janelle says the contract she signs only discusses coaching.  Joe agrees that if what Willie says is true, the entire CONCEPT is different.  Janelle says the contract said in bold print that she is only a coach, and she can't even vote for a winner.

Janelle, whispering:  I can't even go to the Jury House...

BB:  You ARE NOT allowed to talk about Production.

For some reason the camera shifts to a shot of the door of the Arcade Room...is someone eavesdropping on the other side?

Joe makes it sound like he opposed Willie, and was the only one to go against it..

Joe: I'm probably a huge target now...

[Joe has balls, huh?  To just lie like that?  I kind of love it...]

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