Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Britney's Meltdown Part #2 #BB14

So last night Britney had a breakdown in the game and is threatening to tell all of the newbies about the speculation about "Halftime".  Apparently this was caused by Britney thinking Janelle has been playing her this whole time, with some sort of secret deal with Dan.  Most accounts I have read indicate Britney is off her rocker, and this is untrue.

You can read Part 1 here.


FYI I did learn there is a SuperPass flaw with the Flashbacks if you live in a time zone that differs from the BB house.  I am not a techie, but I found instructions on SuperPass to adjust my browser, so hopefully things will be easier for me now.

1.  11:45 pm BBT I was looking for Janelle's chess game with Dan, to see for myself what the conversation was, but instead I found an interesting conversation with the girls at the hot tub.  Everything seems fine at this point.

Britney, Danielle and Janelle discuss food they ate on their international travels.  Britney just went on her honeymoon to France, but has extensive travel experience.  Danielle talked about her Asian travels. Janelle liked the food in Prague.  I am including a lot of pictures because I know Britney's fans like to see her...

Basically it sounds like Britney and her new husband spent their time trying to find places in Europe where they could eat American food.  This is interesting...they asked Janelle about her travels in Greece!  She talks about Mykonos and describes how she met her BB6 partner Ashlea while she was over there.  They were both moving to Miami so that sealed their friendship.  Janelle fans will immediately connect this with the recent "Janelle Gate" scandal --you can read about that here if you don't know.

2.  JoJo could tell they were getting some camera time over there, so she came over to get her's too.  She didn't have much to add to the conversation, however.

3.  1:15 am BBT  OK.  I found the Flashback featuring this supposed "meltdown" and it turns out I had already found it in the last post.   I was expecting to see tears and yelling, but instead there is anger and frustration from Britney.  And Ashley is disappointed because "Janelle was supposed to be her Mama Bear."

(I don't think for ONE second that Ashley isn't going to tell Janelle about all this.)

Basically Willie has Britney thinking that Janelle is working with Dan because she wants to keep Kara.  Britney saw them on the spy cam playing chess and "whispering'.  Then the two of them went outside and Britney followed them.  According to Britney Janelle and Dan continued to whisper outside and Janelle looked away whenever Britney tried to make eye contact.

Britney said that Mike Boogie called Janelle before they were sequestered, trying to make a deal with her.  Willie said that may be true, but Janelle turned it down.

Britney:  How do you know she turned it down?  How do you know?

(Britney needs to make up her mind  here--if Janelle was working with Mike she would not want to keep Kara.)

Britney: I knew from the beginning that something was wrong....that she wasn't really into this.

(I think Britney came into the BB14 house like a Fan Girl and didn't remember her own role in the game.  She's acting like Justin Timberlake didn't say Hi to her in the hallway.)

Now Ashley says she had the same feelings about Janelle and Britney fans this flame.  Meanwhile Willie says things like "she thinks she seen two people on their own". 

Yes, Willie said that.  Thank the fine Louisiana school system for that.

OK, so don't get me wrong, this is a juicy development.  But it's not what I expected to see based on what I read on other websites.

In fact, this morning Britney seems calm and collected and discussed the possible "Halftime" twist with Mike Boogie.  Boogie doesn't think it will happen based on the language in the contract, and speculates it would cause too much confusion. (Britney says there is a sentence in the contract that says BB can "basically change everything if they want to".)

You know who is causing a lot of shit, don't you? Chef Joe!  He has been sucking up to Dan and Willie giving them updates about what Frank said, etc.  He's like Shelly, but without the sun damage.  The level of current paranoia in the house may prevent everybody from putting 2 and 2 together to spell JOE.


  1. i'm just reviewing all the days (in search of a conversation brit had with frank) and i stumbled here - - - want to add, i remember this day and just to comment: When jani and Dan were playing chess, there was no game talk going on, nothing to the degree that brit had imagined in her paranoid state

  2. Yes, I suspected as much.

    Britney was upset that Janelle "broke up" with her and she went apeshit. Crying and losing control. I actually felt sorry for Willie, if you can believe that.


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