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Big Brother After Dark - Hantz Free - 7-21-12 Part #1 #BB14

This episode was taped at 9:00 pm BBT, on Friday night. I watched it on my trusty DVR this morning, after it aired in the wee hours of Saturday morning where I live.

At the time this aired on Showtime, the live feeds had been down for hours during a Production Emergency that occurred after the conclusion of the Coach's Challenge on Friday afternoon.  During the live feed outage, Willie was ejected from the game due to violent behavior towards Joe Arvin, and Frank held the belated nomination ceremony. JoJo and Shane were nominated.

If you need more information about this incident, you can read my account of the last moments of Wilie's appearance on the live feeds here.

The live feeds resumed about 30 minutes before the Showtime broadcast.

OK. Let's begin.

1. The show begins with the HG sitting around the dining table, finishing up their dinner.  Production ordered pizzas for them, after all of the drama.  I think the new Have Nots were allowed to eat the pizza, too. Mike says that the Showtime broadcast is about to start, and Ian starts describing the opening credits of the show, and all of the Showtime commercials within it.  Janelle asked Ian about the BBAD theme song and Ian tries to describe it.  Britney looked calm, stating that it was all behind her now, and she just wanted to move on.

2.  JoJo and Shane visit Frank in the HOH room to talk with him about the nominations.  JoJo's chatter is in High Gear as she tries to minimize her devotion to Willie.

JoJo:  We didn't do anything...know what I mean? What could I do?  Know what I'm sayin?

3.  And so forth. Shane says that after the Coach's Challenge he told his teammates that he couldn't follow them anymore---he is going to play an individual game now.

(I think that competition got really, really ugly. I heard Janelle on the live feeds say that she thought Dan threw it.  I heard Mike Boogie tell Frank that before he started "showboating", he made sure that Janelle "was right behind him".  Sounds like he let Janelle win it.  No word of Britney's progress, but if she screwed the pooch maybe the team started falling apart then.)

4. Frank was very calm and supportive of JoJo and Shane, saying that he only had a few people he could nominate, and that he was on the block himself last week and worked hard to prove to everyone that he wanted to stay in the game.  Shane notes that "hopefully the POV will be hard and they can man up and woman up and win it".

5.  Frank notes that "ya'll didn't pick him to be on your team" and they agree.  Frank invited Willie last night to come over and eat tacos with him, but Willie made his own decisions.  Frank pumps them up saying he didn't even win POV but he kept working all week to stay in the game.

6.  Willie will be excluded from all CBS Big Brother events.  JoJo mentions that the only thing he can attend is "the Vegas Bash".   Shane brings up that Willie promised Frank not to nominate him, and then did anyway.  Shane also says that the first week Willie told him "I want blood on my hands".

7.  The pizza they just ate is not sitting well with Shane or Frank.  Frank says he can just "feel that melted cheese" sitting in his gut.  Shane is not thrilled with being on slop for another week.  They discuss how Ian volunteered to be a Have Not.  They think Willie was trying to do his team a favor by backing off and separating themselves.

8.  Ian is cocky downstairs saying "did anybody just hear that?"  They say no, is it an earthquake?  Ian says, "no, it is the sound of having a 1 in 9 chance to win a half million dollars"! (Not if AGP brings in former players, Ian.)  Ian also mentions that Willie will have an "orange bar for the rest of his life on Wikipedia".

(ha ha ha)

9.  Frank wrote "Ted was here" on the bathroom door.  He put his laundry downstairs and says he put Ted's T-shirt in there too for laundering.  JoJo wonders if the BB writing on the front will come off.  She tells Frank TWICE that she was the one to do that with non-waterproof mascara.  There is confusion regarding what Fluff and Fold means---he thinks the clothes won't be washed but who knows.

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10.  Ian visited Frank in the HOH and they had a nice chat about their situation as Super Fans ending up in the BB house.  Ian points out that twice before Frank went to BB Finals and had that key in his hand but never made it to the show, and Ian himself has been watching since he was 10, but had to wait until he turned 21 to apply.

Ian: ...and here we are, by some strange disaster..when you sit at that table, it's a big deal Frank.

(It is nice to see them stop and appreciate where they are. )

11.  Ian said his "joints are young" and he can take the slop, but he doesn't want Ashley to have to be on slop again.  He keeps repeating he is "chuffed to be here".  (Chuffed = British for Excited, I think.)  They are both so grateful to be cast and what happened tonight was disgusting to them.

Ian:  I played pool with him last night, said good night to him, and tonight he fricking charges at Joe and calls Janelle the C word!

Frank:  And when I heard he threw those fricking pork rinds at Janelle....if I'd have been down there's no tellin' what I would've done.  Because disrespecting women like that....

Ian:  Yeah, it's ridiculous.  It's absurd.

Frank:  Janelle is such a sweetheart.

Ian:  Yes, she's so nice.  How could you possibly do that to her?  And that's just the reality.  He just couldn't do slop, and that's the reality.  Ashley spent the whole week on slop, and Shane and I are about to do our second week.  He said to me, I hope I just get a chance to play for the POV....

12. Frank is happy that BB let him keep his "MC Hammer" costume from the Coach's Challenge.  According to Frank, this "might be an Ebay item".

13.  Frank fed the fish and says "this one is for Kara". Ian agrees and repeats the words he said to Julie Chen while voting to evict her. Ian further says that Kara is the most beautiful woman he has ever "personally come in contact with".  Ian wants the HOH room bad next week to get pictures of his Mom and Dad, his Gramma and Grampy, and his brother too.

14. Ian and Frank are both full and gassy from the cheese pizza. Ian gives us Too Much Information and says he is going to go downstairs so he doesn't "stink up Frank's HOH bathroom".

Frank:  Preesh!

15.  The camera shifts to Janelle and Ashley laying down in Skid Row to chat.  (Note that the HG refer to sequester as the Knitting Convention.)

Ashley:  Did you hear that he took a Gatorade bottle and filled it with vodka?  He was drinking the whole time during the Convention interviews!

Janelle:  Are you serious?

The cameras couldn't move away fast enough after that.

16.  In the kitchen Danielle is describing a past relationship where the guy controlled her and kept her away from her friends.  The camera couldn't show that either.

17. So we go back to Janelle and Ashley and Ashley is wrapping up some comments that I think related to Britney's inability to communication with Willie, and her inability to control him.

Janelle:  Go back to your tugboat, Willie.  (ha ha ha ha)

Ashley:  Go back and find your brother.

Janelle mentions going back to the tugboat again.

Ashley: Meanwhile he probably thinks that he's going to see everybody in Vegas but no one is going.

Janelle:  We're not going because you're going Willie!  Screw that!


Janelle:  Did you see the whole fight go down?

Ashley:  I was peeing!  And it was a long pee!  But I heard Joe and I was trying to get out of there.  When I finally got out he was doing his final attempt to chase him down before he went to the DR.

Janelle:  Oh, that was when he was going to the DR and he said to me, Fuck You.   We heard the screaming and came downstairs and Willie came up to me and said...

Frank interrupts the group and Janelle says they are rehashing the drama.

Janelle, continuing:  So we heard screaming and came downstairs. Willie said "why the hell are you running downstairs". And I said, "because we can do whatever we want to do, Willie.  Its our house too! It's not just your house!"  And he takes the thing of pork rinds and throws them and yells "fuck you"!

Frank:  That really..

The cameras switch away quickly to the kitchen crew, where Joe is talking to Danielle about her bad relationship and how she ended it.  The cameras can't stay there either (legal reasons re: slander of the ex-boyfriend).

18.  The cameras finally settle on Mike Boogie and Dan in the Coach's Room upstairs. Mike is going through the mistakes that have ruined Britney's game.  As an example, Mike says he tells his waiters that when they have an issue with the diners at one of their tables to "take charge of your table".  The good waiters diffuse the situation by using humor, getting the chef to expedite a dish, offering a free drink, or dessert, and generally make the table forget about the error.  The bad waiters who suck get scared and hide, avoiding interaction with the diners, which makes the situation worse.

Mike says Britney was one of the latter, hiding under her blanket after the fight.  (!)

Mike: I understand he is a big scary man, and she is a petite's not easy as it is for a guy.  But if I have $100,000 on the line, I have no problem grabbing him by the shirt and shaking him out of it.  What she should have done is control Shane better--coach him into being the enforcer for her. Shane was wandering around saying "I didn't know what to do..."

Dan just listens and asks a lot of questions.  Mike thinks Shane gets credit for a lot of other things because of his abs.  He's not as smart as everybody thinks.

It is cold up there and Ian joins them.  Mike gives Brady Malin a shout out.  Mike had a great night's sleep for the first time in the Coach's room.

19.  Ian had $66 dollars in his wallet when BB "kidnapped him", and about $700 to his name, with a lot of school loans and bike with a flat front tire.  Winning at least the $50,000 second prize would allow him to pay off his loans and put away a few thousand to get on his feet for after college.

Mike:  And had the time of your life, right?

Dan beams at Ian when he hears this.   Ian says this is nuts to him...its is a dream to him.  Mike feels like the last 48 hours has felt like a dream to him, to.

Dan:  I don't even feel like I'm on the show!

Mike:  Me either!  I feel like I'm remembering the last time I was on the show.

Ian:  If you told me on April 3rd that I would be on the show and shooting the piss with Mike Boogie and Dan.....whew.  And even when I went to the casting call and I left thinking I wasn't getting a callback because everybody else was drunk or wearing some crazy costume..

Mike: How long did they talk to you?

Ian:  Three minutes.

Mike: And you were just yourself!

Ian:  I just said hey I'm an engineering student..

Dan:  Did you read my book?   (OMG)

Ian:  No, ugh...not yet.

Ian had a semi-final interview that was in person in New Orleans--it was one of the 13 cities that BB visited. Mike asked if he met RK (Robyn Kass) and Ian says it was BC (Bonnie Cort?) and Mike doesn't know her.  Ian says she was cool and gives her a shout out.

Dan jokes that Ian has a million dollars worth of BB talent in there to give him advice and that is more than anyone else in the house can say!  Mike laughs hard at that.

Dan:  I can see you winning this thing....if you get down to it.

Ian:  Well, when they said someone was going the first night my stomach dropped and I just knew.....I saw the commercials that said the most HG ever.  I looked up the twists from other countries and I saw in Australia that they had to vote someone out the first night and I was shitting myself.

Mike says he's come a long way in the past two weeks.  Ian said he would pass out if he won and would have to be carried out of the house.  Ian has said his friend Ryan is coming to the finale. Mike asked if his parents would come instead if he made the finals and Ian says maybe his mother.  His dad doens't like flying.

Mike says that sometimes the dads have a hard time with it, but has probably told at least 10 people he knows that his son is on TV.

***I am going to close out Part One because I know people want to get the information.  The show is about half over and it has been nonstop action for a change.  No pool playing, or cornhole.  Look for my recap of the rest of this BBAD episode later. ***

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  1. Big Brother has quickly turned into one of my favorite shows. This is my first season watching, thanks to a coworker at Dish who recommended the show to me. This stuff with Willie has only intensified the drama, and hopefully it keeps going. I am incredibly excited for tonight’s episode, even though I am not able to watch it live. My Hopper will record it automatically with PrimeTime Anytime, so I’ll be able to watch it tomorrow morning without the commercials, thanks to the Auto Hop feature. It’s going to be an interesting rest of the season, and I can’t wait!


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