Thursday, July 26, 2012

Behold the New King. #BB14

Mike mentions that Ian gave a shout-out to the Tulane R.A. Program.  Shane thinks everybody did a great job with their question and answer.  Ian is rocking in his chair.  Britney thinks her husband is proud.

Shane is eating a bowl of something.  Not slop or pudding, I'll bet.  They wonder if there is a twist for the Coach's Challenge.  Frank just announced that there is cheese pizza if anyone wants it.

Britney apologizes for jumping on Shane tonight when he won.  She is happy that she got to show off her boots by kicking up when she hugged him.

Shane slept in the Have Not room for 16 nights, and is more excited than the bed than the food.  It is quiet around the table as at least half of the players silently freak out.

Danielle told Dan all she remembered of her speech is that she almost fell.  She doesn't remember what she said, or how she said it, just that she almost fell.

Frank just called out "home skillet".

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