Wednesday, July 11, 2012

BB5's Drew Daniel has a Bad Day, and is Going Bald

According to this article, Drew Daniel is still in law school.  You know, I've heard rumors here and there about Drew over the years, but he's kept things pretty quiet until now.

Drew was arrested for 'a domestic violence' incident at his home in Urbana, Illinois last week.  Drew actually charged the deputy who came to investigate the domestic violence report and needed to be Tasered.  Yes, tasered.  I don't know if you watched the BB5 live feeds, but I did and I didn't see any of this coming.

Well maybe some parts of it, but definitely not the violence part.  Nor the tasering...nor the balding.

Welcome to the Big Brother Hall of Shame, Drew.  Somewhere, Diane Henry is smiling into her plate of hummus.

***Thanks Missyae***

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