Friday, July 13, 2012

About Last Night... #BB14

The first thing I saw when the BB14 feeds went live were the house guests debating about when the feeds would be live.

No one seemed to know anything, and there was some chatter about the fact they thought Production should let them know.  Britney and Janelle appear to be besties now, and the two of them were confused about when the live feeds would kick off.

(What???  You've got to be kidding me...)

Then there was a brief shot of Ian Terry in the Have Not room alone, talking to the camera to let us know what is going on.  You've got to love that...he's a Live Feed Nerd just like we are.

Ian:  .....and _____ and Ashley are Have Nots, you should know that....

Then the camera changed.  I think Danielle is the name he said first, but I'm not sure.

The girls were concerned about Kara.  Janelle said she felt sorry for her and they discussed her concern over the POV competition today.  There was talk of an anxiety attack for Kara.

Boogie was in the HOH trying to build a relationship with Willie Hantz.  I think they may be in cahoots, but I'm not sure yet.  Boogie's boy Frank was nominated along with Kara.

Boogie won a Mentor Challenge, which apparently gave him the right to give one of his player's immunity.  I'm guessing this prize will shift as needed, to keep the game interesting for the fans.  (Thanks to WildJazie for this info...I was in Dreamland by then.)  He gave the award to Ian, saving him for the week.

All of them were bitching about how uncomfortable ALL of the beds are. Ikea took a beating, so I guess they are not a sponsor this year.

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