Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tidbits from This Afternoon

I have been watching the feeds while I work today.  (Big tax deadline coming up this Thursday...)

1. Rachel spoke privately with both Porsche and Adam, encouraging them and making it seem like she was aligned only with them.  (She'd better glue herself to both of them for the duration to make sure they don't compare notes.)   She encouraged both of them to win today, and also dropped big hints about how the Jury would vote for the other person instead of her.  She is clearly painting herself as the 2nd place winner, even saying that she doesn't think Jeff would vote for her because they "butted heads all summer".  She told Porsche to remember that "Adam is Jeff's boy".

2.  Porsche is ultra-sensitive to any compliments to Kalia's game---she doesn't understand why Kalia "gets all the credit" and seems to think she (Porsche) will be regarded as a great Big Brother player.  Rachel is keeping her mouth shut and agreeing with her.

3.  They are joking about the competition today.  Rachel remembers that in Allstars, Boogie and Erica competed on an intense laser competition high above the backyard and Boogie won a Pontiac Solstice.  Porsche says that if Adam lets her win today she will give him a car, and later says if he lets her win she will buy him a Camaro.

4.  Adam thinks there is a big heavy metal concert on the night of the finale that his friends may go to instead of watching.  He actually thinks they may flash a congratulations sign at the concert that "Heavy Metal Fan Adam Wins Big Brother".  Yes, he said that.

5.  Porsche and Adam asked Rachel about the amount of her stipend.  Rachel clams that the veterans "got the same contract they got last year" and "got the chance to win again".  She denies that their stipend is double what the newbies receive.  Porsche said that Dani told Kalia that and that Kalia 'was positive about it'.  Rachel mocked this and wondered if Dani said that on her way out to hurt the other veterans.

6.  Their stipend is taxed like ordinary income, but according to Rachel any winnings from competitions are "taxed at game show rates".

7.  Both Porsche and Adam have studied the picture wall over and over and over.  Who knows if that is the competition though.

8.  Adam gives a shout out to Massage Envy in Hoboken.  That is where he goes...

9.  They said that Dani "broke all of the rules in her speech" as she left.  They mentioned her shout outs to CBS and Production, and then they discuss her comment that she is the only one who respects the game.  Adam doesn't like this and neither did Rachel.  Porsche weakly tries to defend Dani whenever they bring up stuff like this.

10.  Out of the blue, Porsche starts talking about an MTV True Life episode about a dominatrix who moved to Atlanta because "the business was better there".  She went on for quite a bit about it.  Hmmmm.  Why is Porsche thinking about that?

11.  They discussed what Jordan wore on Thursday night.  Apparently the DR told her that she could wear whatever she wanted, but they advised her to wear athletic wear so that the viewers were kept in suspense about the game.  (Remember she had a special eviction dress but wore athletic wear on the show.)

12.  Porsche made a number of derogatory comments about Jordan, including saying that BB must have chosen competitions at the end of BB11 that favored her.  BB didn't like Porsche insinuating that.

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