Thursday, September 15, 2011

SuperPass Backyard Interviews - Keith Henderson

I am just getting around to watching all of the post-finale interviews.  Last year SuperPass had Missy covering all of the backyard action and I think she did a great job.  What happened to Missy, SuperPass?  Damn.

This year "Spicy Pants" was apparently covering all of the backyard action.  I think she should just go by her fucking name or use a fake one.  Like Betty or Veronica.  I am going to try and suffer through her performance, but the first one didn't make it any easier.

Right now the interviews are apparently in one long loop.  After a few days, they will probably split them up by houseguest so I don't have to watch all of them.  As you might guess, the houseguests evicted first are the first ones interviewed--it's like that every year.  Usually there is a big To Do for only the finalists, but this year with Brendon, Jeff, Jordan & Daniele there is plenty of star power.

So, first up is Keith Henderson, who was evicted first.  Spicy and Keith seemed to "hit it off", if you know what I mean.

1.  Spicy and Keith hugged several times, and Keith twirled her around to look at her ass.  He is such a horndog.

2.  Spicy is "looking forward to hanging with him at some of the finale parties".  That is probably a good strategy as they both will need someone to talk to.

3.  Keith feels the Duo twist really rocked his plan for Keith's Angels.  If he had to do it again, he would still choose Porsche as a partner, but would have formed a side alliance with Brendon and Rachel along with Porsche when Rachel became the first HOH.

4.  Keith gets recognized frequently and says people chide him about being sequestered so long.

5.  Keith ate, worked out, and watched TV during sequester.  No mention of where he was (but Brendon went to Palm Springs).  He thought he was coming back into the house so he wanted to "stay sexy".

6.  Keith doesn't have Twitter---his job as a Human Resource Director prevents him from any sort of social media, but he wants us all to contact him at his email address, particularly the ladies.  As you might guess, Keith would like "nude pictures".  You can send him those at  He repeated the address at least twice, so have at it.

7.  Keith would love to come back on BB again, and mentions a possible season of "Worst Players Ever" or something like that as a joke.

8.  He feels he made genuine friendships this summer and welcomes all BB13 houseguests to be his guest when visiting Chicago.

9.  Let's take a look at that purple growth on Keith's shoulder.

10.  That's all I can really remember from this interview.

Moving on.............

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