Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Random Footage Outside the Wrap Party

This footage was shot by a fan, from the looks of it, outside the Big Brother Wrap Party.

This first clip shows BB12's Matt Hoffman arriving with his wife Stacy, as well as Annie Whittington.  Matt didn't attend the wrap party for BB12 because he was celebrating his first wedding anniversary.  Is this Annie's girlfriend with her?  Damn the chick is hot--what a bod on her---see for yourself.

And here is the bus chock full of BB13 houseguests pulling up to the club at the Wrap Party.  You will see Adam, Shelly, Jordan, Jeff, Dominic, Kalia and Keith spill out on the sidewalk and stand around awkwardly before being admitted.  Jeff finally takes the plunge into the crowd to shake hands and pose for pictures.

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