Sunday, September 4, 2011

Jordan Misses Jeff

The houseguests are still asleep now, but last night I was watching Big Brother After Dark and also the live feeds at the same time.  I had just attended a boozy dinner, so I don't remember whether I saw the following on BBAD or the live feeds.

Jordan is not one to talk about how she feels constantly, but she does let us know how she is feeling periodically.


She has asked Rachel numerous times what she thinks is going on in the Jury House.  (Jordan has never been to the Jury House and has said she would rather be evicted in the Final Four then the Final Three, since the last person evicted doesn't get to spend much, if any, time in the Jury House.  She thinks it would be fun, and I know she wants to see Jeff.)

Rachel always tells her that Brendon and Jeff are BFFs now, and they are probably working out and drinking every night and are so proud of the two of them for staying and fighting to win.

Jordan has also mentioned several times that she wonders what sort of reaction Jeff will have when he sees Shelly walk into the Jury House.


She was in the Tarot Room with all of the remaining houseguests (Final Five) and she just put it out there.

Jordan:  I miss Jeffrey.....

They all react to comfort her and she seems to get ahold of herself and tone it down a bit.

Jordan:  He just always makes me laugh.  He's always cracking on someone and it is so funny.  I love his personality.

She mentions how he suddenly sits up in bed to tell her to scoot over--that she is wasting the space on the bed and crowding him. It is funny when she imitates him.  Adam has heard Jeff do this and laughs about it.

Jordan:  It's funny.  Rachel and Brendon are always sleepin' like this (legs all entwined) and Jeff wants more room to sleep!

Porsche:  You two kill me with your separate blankets.

Kalia mentions that Porsche sleeps like a mummy, wrapping herself in blankets, too.

Early in the season Jordan announced that although she and Jeff would sleep in the same bed during BB13, they would always be under separate blankets so everyone will know there is no funny business going on while they are on camera.

Last week Jordan told Rachel that she wouldn't have sex with Jeff in the Jury House, either.  Rachel found this hard to believe and asked Kalia and Porsche if they felt the same way.  Rachel stressed that you have your own room, there are no cameras, etc.  Both girls said if they boyfriends were there, they would do it.  Even Shelly said "she wouldn't hesitate".

If Jordan goes to the Jury House, I think Jeff will change her mind.   And she will see how much privacy they have...

She does seem to have some guilt over sexuality and needs to get over that.  I heard her talk about sex with Jeff during BB11 on the live feeds and it sounded like she had only done it with one or two guys, and at least one of them used her.  At least that's the way she saw it....

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