Thursday, September 8, 2011

Is Porsche a Gamer?

After watching Big Brother 13 all summer long, I really have no idea.  I have heard Porsche say countless times that she expects being on the show to bring her all sorts of entertainment career options.  At one point she was telling everyone she wanted to make a documentary based on her travels around the world cooking and eating.

(Dani used to mock this idea, before they were BFFs.)

As you probably know, Porsche has won the final POV and has announced plans to take herself off the block.  As POV winner, she is in the arguably the most powerful position for the entire season, because she will have the sole vote to evict either Rachel or Jordan tonight.

Porsche has stated that she will vote to evict Jordan, who has been busy packing and ironing "her eviction outfit".  Jordan is probably happy because she has repeatedly said that she would rather be evicted in 4th place than in 3rd place, so that she can have the experience of going to the Jury House for at least a day or so.

If you were Porsche and you wanted to win the $500,000 prize, wouldn't you evict Rachel and not Jordan?  Jordan has already demonstrated a decided lack of ability to win competitions.   She also lacks determination and the drive to win.

But Rachel could represent a huge stumbling block.  Going to the Final Two with either of the veterans would be a risk, since they already have at least three votes on the Jury (only need four votes to win it all), but there is a huge risk that Rachel would take Adam with her to the end, rather than Porsche.

Personally I would like to see Rachel win, but if I were Porsche I would lie about it and then vote to evict Rachel.  That will ensure that Jordan won't be ready to compete tonight.

Make sense?

So, has Porsche considered all of this and deliberately lied about her plans tonight?  Your guess is as good as mine.  I don't know much about Porsche at all.   I hope she doesn't start comparing herself to Janelle....

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