Friday, September 2, 2011

Cassi Books a TV Gig

According to TV Guide, Cassi Colvin will soon be appearing on The Bold and the Beautiful.   After BB11 and BB12, Jeff & Jordan and Brendon & Rachel both appeared on the same CBS soap opera.

I'm guessing that the producers of the Bold & the Beautiful took a look at who was left in the BB13 house and decided not to wait and cast the winner.  If it's Jordan or Rachel, it's been done before on their show.  And Kalia and Porsche wouldn't exactly garner much interest for them.

Nothing's an accident people.  Not in show business...

(I think they may draw more viewers if they cast Dominic, but that's just a guess based on who watches daytime TV.)

Interesting that she turned down America's Next Top Model years ago.  I've never heard her discuss that topic.

Exclusive: Big Brother's Cassi Colvin Guest Stars on The Bold and the Beautiful

Big Brother, Cassi

She was among the first to be ousted from the Big Brother house this season, but Cassi Colvin is wanted big time by The Bold and the Beautiful! The twangy, Texas-born model will appear on the CBS soap in a role that won't require much stretching — she'll play a runway model named Cassi who is involved with the hot new "Hope for the Future" fashion line. She will tape her scenes Sept. 15, the day after she appears on the Big Brother season finale, and will air mid-to-late October.

Though the 26-year-old Colvin hid her occupation from the other Big Brother contestants in an attempt to avoid envy, she told TV Guide Magazine before she went into the house that she's been modeling since age 11 and has had lucrative contracts in New York, Milan, Hong Kong and Sydney. Tyra Banks picked her for the first season of America's Next Top Model but Colvin took a pass. "The show wanted girls who [appeared to be] green so they wanted me to drop my agents," Colvin says. "I just couldn't do it. I wouldn't burn my bridges. And I have no regrets."

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