Saturday, August 13, 2011

Shelly: I Thought I Was So Smart

Shelly:  Have I been a fool this whole time?

She is fretting alone in the Tarot Room.  Adam just came in and she asked him if he thought that Jeff would use the POV to save one of them (if he wins it).  Adam didn't think he would, and said he didn't think that Jordan was in on Jeff's plans.

Shelly:  They do everything together....maybe he's lying for her!

She seems to know she is in big trouble this week.  She can hear Adam and Jeff shooting the shit in the kitchen.

Now we see Jeff and Adam in the kitchen.  Adam is asking about his relationship with Jordan.  There are a lot of sizzling sounds.

Adam:  So were you dating her when you came in the house?  (i.e. during BB11)

Jeff:  No, I didn't know what a showmance was.  Well, I think I heard about it right before I came in.

Adam:  What about The Amazing Race?

Jeff:  Oh, we were dating when we were on that....

Adam:  Were you dating?  Or were you boyfriend and girlfriend?

Jeff:  What?  Whats the difference?

Adam:  So you were seeing other people?

Jeff:  No.  We never saw other people.  She was wearing my letterman's jacket (sarcastically).

Adam:  So you were boyfriend and girlfriend.

Jeff:  Yeah.  I was Zuko and she was Sandy.

Adam is enjoying an apple liberally spread with peanut butter.  Shelly comes over and bogarts the peanut butter knife, talking about what Josie likes to snack on.

Abruptly, we get TRIVIA.  I guess it's time for the POV.  The answer, of course, is #3, the Tighty Twins.

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