Saturday, August 6, 2011

Rachel Pitched Kalia

on a deal to keep her this week.  She is heavily selling the idea that she will be sent back in the house to fight Dani.

Out in the back yard, Jordan suddenly jumps up from her lounge chair for some reason and sprints over to the pool.  (From what I hear she didn't run near as fast in today's POV competition.)  She almost lost her top there.

Rachel:  You don't need to tell Dani.  She's a big girl and she can take care of herself.

They hugged when she left.  Rachel thanked her for listening.  Kalia has some dramatic moments after Rachel leaves, talking out loud to herself.  She summarized Rachel's points and tallied up the votes.


Kalia gets up and it turns out she was talking to her mother, I think.  She addressed the picture in the frame.

Rachel went outside to fill in Jordan and Shelly on the conversation she just had.

Jordan kind of bursts her balloon by pointing out that Kalia will never save Rachel.  Shelly agrees--Daniele wouldn't let her.  Rachel takes this news well and reacts logically.  Maybe her meds are kicking in.

Jordan looks just like Jessica Simpson in that picture, huh?

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