Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rachel Erupts Again

and is "crying" in the hammock now.

Apparently the other houseguests didn't support Rachel, and Shelly said that she was touched by Danielle's gesture and Rachel shouldn't have gotten involved.

Rachel:  I'll just go over here by myself and leave next week!  I'll self evict!

Brendon:  You're doing it again!  I left you in this house to play!  And win!  No amount of money is worth that.  This isn't worth it!

Brendon, quietly:  I'm about to lose it.  I can't do this.  I can't leave you in this house if you're not okay here.

Rachel:  I was a totally different person a year ago...

Brendon:  I don't want to go through this. That's why I was dragging my feet through this whole process...

Rachel is being a total brat and telling Brendon  she wants to be alone in the hammock.

Brendon offers to do some crazy things to take the heat off of Rachel right now, including:

1.  Going up to the HOH right now and throwing water in Dani's face
2.  Calling Jeff a sell out and exposing him in front of the group
3.  A bunch of other crap

(Brendon, please 'expose' Jeff.  We're all begging you..)

Rachel, "sobbing":  I'm not good at anything!.  I can't get a job!  I'm going to ruin your life!  I ruin everything!

Brendon comforts her with his usual bullshit:  He loves her, he's always here for her, she has him. blah blah blah

(I guess the blow jobs are really, really good.)

Brendon:  You are the most beautiful, the smartest....

Rachel, "sobbing" :  Everybody hates me...

Brendon: I'm never going to leave you....

(I guess she swallows, too.)

Rachel:  I went for two jobs in LA, and they said you're that girl from Big Brother!  And why did I act that way on TV?  Everybody thinks I'm crazy....I'm ruining your chances!

Brendon:  My chances weren't good to begin with.  We don't know what will happen in this house.  If you don't feel you can do this, leave with me.  We can go together!

Ha Ha Shelly just opened the sliding door, heard what was happening, and went back inside.  Ha ha ha.

(Jeff is getting screwed, too.  Rachel should at least blow him, too.)

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