Friday, August 5, 2011

Porsche Really is a Bitch

I don't see her on the feeds, but I hear her saying that "Jeff is marinating his catfish with lemon, but I don't think he can use that".

That may have been a DR leak, because an unknown male voice says "I'm already on it".

Rachel is being supportive of Jordan and saying it's okay--she doesn't mind being a Have Not.

Jordan went up against Adam and it sounds like he did better than they expected him to.

Now Shelly is whispering with Dani in the Tarot Room.  How has Shelly gotten away with this for so long?

Jeff is adding stuff to the catfish and just asked where the list of slop condiments is---Adam says it is right in front of him.  Porsche snapped her head around when Jeff asked the question.

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