Friday, August 26, 2011

Porsche Opened Pandora's Box and Just Eff'ed Herself!

A new twist has happened and everyone is buzzing over what has happened.  Porsche had a laminated card labeled "HOH #2" and they are now split into duos again.

Kalia:  It's like we're Final Three now.

Rachel is pumping up Jordan on the patio:  This is huge! Do you understand, this is our chance!

They high five.

Jordan:  We're goin' on the block sister!

Rachel:  And we're pullin' ourselves right back off!

I don't think Porsche has done nominations now.  She looks very stressed.  She went into the DR to ask a clarifying question and told them to keep coming up with ideas while she is gone.

Porsche opened Pandora's Box and tells them she "got five", which I guess is $5,000.  Shelly got called to the DR and now Rachel and Jordan walk in and chat with her.

Jordan:  I would've opened it, too.

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