Friday, August 26, 2011

Kalia Visits Candy Land

to dig something out of her luggage.  She was all packed up last night since she was nominated and she made a huge racket digging around to find her toiletries.

(Maybe it just sounded loud to me due to the microphone placement.)

I thought you'd like that.  She put on a spritz of perfume and left the room with a Ziploc bag full of stuff.  When she left the room she told Porsche that "the two of them are knocked out in there".

(No, they just pretended to be asleep to avoid talking to her.)

Now she goes in the bathroom and we get another butt shot.

I'm pretty sure those are Mommy jeans with the elastic waist, huh?

It's not as much fun to make fun of Kalia's ass.  She didn't come into the house talking about how she is the hottest girl in every room like Porsche did.  Just not the same.

I guess Kalia didn't brush her teeth last night, huh?  If she had to dig in her suitcase this morning for her toothbrush?

Now the indoor lockdown is over, and Kalia and Porsche meet in the backyard. Porsche is worried about the lockdown--it started around 5:00 am but it doesn't look like they did anything out there during that time.

Porsche:  Obviously I'm worried about a box....

Lots of feed interruptions while they discuss Production.  When we return everyone is outside, so now there must be an outdoor lockdown.  (Time for Pandora????)

Rachel and Jordan are silent so far.  They talk about the songs this morning---one of them was Fiona Apple.  Shelly mentions that several times when she was outside early with Brendon he would request a song and they would get to hear it that morning.

Adam dreamed that he left the house for the day and visited, where they told him they counted 60 shout outs from him this season.

BB doesn't like that.

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