Friday, August 5, 2011

Jeff: You're Always Going to Be Better Than Her

and don't let these people get to you.  We need each other and we have a few weeks left and then we never have to see these people again.

Jordan says her hands stink.  Jeff sniffed one and paused.

Jeff:  Well, we can wash them.

Jordan:  I don't want to go out there.

The Have Not Foods are Coconuts and Catfish.  Jordan hates both.

Jordan:  I'm not going to go up there and talk to her.  I'd rather be surprised.  She can just put me up.

Jeff:  You're not going to get put up.  You're a target because you're connected to me.  The other people are just here on vacation.

Jordan:  I know!  That's what I'm sayin!

Jeff tried to tell someone (Shelly, I think.) what the answer way--he kept saying Candied Yams and she just ignored him and later said she thought he said Candy Apples.

Rachel told Jordan something right before the competition started and Jordan wishes she hadn't told her that.

Jeff:  Rachel wasn't even paying attention.

Jeff says they need to go up there because everybody else did but Jordan doesn't want to go.  Jeff leaves by himself.

Jordan:  I want to throw up.  Can you believe I drank that?

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