Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dick at Nite 7-31-11

I just realized that I never posted a recap about this show.  I watched it on after Sunday night's show and as usual it was filled with action and opinions.  This is only the 2nd episode of the show, which is scheduled to air after every CBS Big Brother broadcast on the east coast.

Evel Dick's co-stars weren't there---Janelle Pierzina and James Rhine did not appear, but Jun Song did, along with special guest Matt Hoffman from BB12.  Apparently Matt's own RTVZone show has been cancelled (Live from the Gremlin Cave) but Matt did just fine as a guest with Evel Dick.

It's hard to remember everything that was said, but here are the high points:

1.  You may know that Jun now lives in a very rural part of Belgium.  She met a guy from Belgium last year while on vacation somewhere and after she graduated from college in New York, she married him and moved in.  What an adventure.  He is a farmer, or something like that and Jun is very happy with her life.  It was 3:00 am in Belgium but Jun was right on time, unlike Chicago-based Matt, who was about 15 minutes late.

2.  I think it was Matt's birthday, so that's okay.  He posted some great pictures on Twitter of him chugging beer out of a huge glass boot.

3.  Jun was asked to be on BB Allstars (BB7) but declined.  Right after she won BB4, she was handed a telephone to speak with her parents. She thought it was merely a congratulatory call, but her mom told her that her dad was in a coma.  He ended up dying about a year later, but Jun just wasn't really mentally ready to go back in the BB house.  The BB people flew her out to LA to talk to her about All Stars, and she expressed interest, but she just didn't follow up, and her heart wasn't in it.

4.  Evel Dick said she should have been there, and All Stars like Howie, Kaysar, and Mike Boogie hadn't really earned the right to be there.  But he understands that ratings are ratings, and Howie was funny and Kaysar "was cute".

5.  Dick bashed Kalia, Lawon, and Porsche as having done nothing in the game.  He mentions that Jeff said on the feeds that he keeps forgetting that Porsche is on the show, and agrees.

6.  This is interesting----Dick pointed out that he can't ever remember a time when Julie didn't interview the HOH privately without good reason.  Julie Chen didn't interview Rachel privately either time she was HOH so far this year, and both Dick and Jun think there must be a reason for that.  Maybe the Chenbot refused?  Maybe CBS doesn't want to give Rachel more airtime?  Jordan was interviewed by Julie when she was HOH, and Dick is certain that Dani will get her private interview this week, as well.

7.  Hmmmm.  Interesting.  It seems like this would be something that Rachel would cry and have a tantrum over, doesn't it?  But I haven't seen or heard anything like this on the feeds or on Showtime After Dark.

8.  Dick is still scratching his head constantly, but was not as frantic as he was last Thursday night.  I'll let you be the judge.

9.  Dick asked that Matt's wife Stacy make an appearance on camera to say Hi, but Matt reported that she was naked and would not appear.

10.  Jun reported that she loves Dick at Night.  Subtle.

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