Wednesday, August 3, 2011

And Now for Something Completely Different

When we return from a time out of over 10 minutes, Jeff and Jordan are chatting on the patio with Shelly, Lawon, and Adam, aka Crabby or Creepy the Elf.

They are talking about old toys.

Lawon:  I liked the Slinky---I liked to make it go down the stairs.

Jeff:  I never could get it all the way down.

Jordan, with her adorable country accent:  I liked that green stuff!  You know, the slime?

Adam:  Like Nickelodeon?

Jordan:  Yes!  And they said not to put it in your hair!  My momma and my grandma said, Jordan, don't put it in your hair!

Jeff, cracking up:  You put it in your hair?

Jordan:  Yes!  I didn't believe her, so I did it...

Shelly:  They still sell that stuff to clean up your keyboard.  You put it on your keyboard and it cleans it.

Adam: I prefer the get all light headed and shit.

We never heard what happened when Jordan put slime in her hair!

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