Thursday, July 14, 2011

Yet Another All Nighter

When I woke up this morning on the east coast, I was surprised to see the usual suspects in the Big Brother 13 house pulling another all nighter.   Usually they are asked to get to bed somewhat early on the night before a live show.

Particularly their first live show of the season.  Today they will have an early lockdown in the HOH room, allowing the crew to have access to the rest of the house.  Usually during the lockdown they are all draped over every surface, trying to sleep, and there is typically a fair amount of tension depending on how divided the houseguests are in the game.  Season 6 was the worst I've seen--the opposing sides of the house were barely speaking to each other unless four-letter words were involved.

They also have to clean the house, assuming Shelly hasn't already done so.  There will also be a rehearsal for tonight's show and HOH competition, which the live feeders aren't allowed to see, and then they will get themselves ready for the live broadcast.  The HOH room will be locked shortly after the HOH lockdown is over, so Rachel and Brendon will rejoin the rest of the cast downstairs until a new HOH is crowned this evening.

So, having said all that crap, I was surprised to see Dani, Lawon, Kalia, Dom and Cassi up this morning until after 5:00 am California time.  They were hanging out in the bathroom most of the time and goofing around.

Always the ringleader, Dani had Kalia display her presentation skills by trying to sell us, infomercial-style, on different items in the bathroom.  Like her curling iron, her sleep mask, etc.  I don't think that level of entertainment is worth losing sleep for, but whatever.

Kalia continues to bring up her plans to use her stipend from the show to get a boob lift.  She talks about this frequently with all of the houseguests.

Cassi shared with the group this morning that she, too has had some work done.  She had a boob job a long time ago (at least I think it was a long time ago).  She explained that she is really skinny and "had to go get some" (boobs).

Meanwhile Brendon and Rachel were trying to sleep. Brendon was really hot and didn't want to cuddle.  Rachel huffed and puffed over that but I guess she eventually got over it because the cameras moved off of the HOH room.

What a change from last year, huh?  She even sleeps in a bra this summer.  They must not have had much alcohol last night.

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