Friday, July 29, 2011

Shelly Needs a Cigarette

She and Lawon are the only ones up, and she can hear heavy equipment in the back yard being loaded on a truck.

She says she can go another 15 hours without a cigarette, but it's knowing that she can't have one that is driving her crazy.

She said she goes through a carton of cigarettes in  about 5 days at home.

WOW.  Isn't that a lot of cigarettes?  I mean, a whole lot?

I think BB is trying (again) to get everyone else out of bed.

You know, Shelly spends a lot of her time giving everyone else advice on what to do with her life.  Why can't she address her smoking habit?  Doesn't she know cigarettes kill you?  And what about the example she is setting for her beloved daughter Josie?

I smell a hypocrite, in addition to probably a host of other foul odors from Shelly's direction.

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