Friday, July 29, 2011

Late Night Crew Moves Uptown

Kalia is babbling nonstop:  "It's like..."  "and like, whatever"

Kalia, Lawon and Dani are up in the HOH, talking about riding bikes and ringtones.  Dani is tired.

Rachel and Brendon are sleeping in the Have Not Room on Camera #3. Rachel is not a Have Not, but Brendon is.  Rachel is on slop until Saturday (tomorrow).

About the prizes from last night---I think the $10,000 was the only good prize--all of the rest were bad.  Lawon won Slop and/or Have Not for the week, Brendon won Have Not, Adam won the Elf Suit for a week.

Dani didn't get any pictures of family or friends---all of the pictures were of herself and her cat.  There are a few pictures that look a drawing, and maybe some sort of certificate or diploma.

Now Dani starts talking about PT again.  She misses him.  They are starting to get ready for bed.  I think Kalia is going downstairs.

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