Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kalia: Everyone Thought I Was So Weak!

It's just Kalia, Dani and Shelly up there, so she and Dani must feel pretty confident.  Porsche is recovering on the sidelines.  Rachel cheers on Shelly.

She'd better.  It's all she has left up there.

Rachel starts a "JO SIE  JO SIE" chant for Shelly after Porsche calls out that she wants to see Josie's picture.

Now the girls up there start some smack.

Shelly:  They all want me to see my kid.

Dani:  That's what we all hope for!

Now Kalia and Dani start some shit.  Kalia says that Porsche didn't talk to her for 10 days...she and Dani are already kind of plotting.  Dani tells Kalia she's going to be a Have Not.

Shelly is off to the side, alone and quiet. Rachel coaches her from the sidelines.  Lean to the left Shelly, like "they" do.

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