Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kalia Blows

I was watching the kitchen feeds (the Dani-Dom Show) and all of a sudden Kalia came in from the backyard, yelling.

She had the back door open and was yelling "I know I'm the biggest gossip in the house, so I'll leave this backdoor open, so I can come inside and tell everyone everything that has been said.  I'm just letting all of you outside--YOU ARE GETTING USED!"


"I guess you have friends in this house, and the minute things go wrong they aren't on your side anymore!"

She storms through the house, ranting and raving.  Apparently she went outside and sat next to Brendon and asked him why they are voting out Dominic---it is news to her.  And I guess Brendon disputed that and called her a floater.

Jordan comes in to try and smooth things over, and then Jeff comes in.

Jeff is pissed at Kalia because she was supposed to be on his side, but when she heard the plan to backdoor him, she never told him about it.  Neither of them dispute that fact, but Kalia says that she knew it would never actually happen, so she didn't see the "need to upset people by talking about it".

(I agree with Jeff.  If I were aligned with her and she didn't tell me who wanted to backdoor me, I would put a cap in her ass.)

(Or, ignore her fat ass and talk shit about her in the DR.)

The conversation with Jeff isn't going well.  He gave her another chance to be honest, or "fuck you".

She took the "fuck you" option and doesn't see his point.  Jordan wants everybody to come in the kitchen to discuss it but Kalia won't do it.  Jeff tells Jordan it doesn't matter...don't bother.

Dom:  You are right Kalia.  Everyone in here thought they had deals with them, and all of us are in the same boat.  Even Shelly.....

Dani comes in to whisper some more.  Kalia is flipping the lid of her Giant Sippy Cup over and over, making a loud noise.  She is about to BLOW.

Dom grabs a private moment with Danielle and says "this is great for her".  (It is.)

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