Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jeff Slumbers, Adam Disrobes

This is the current variety of entertainment on Camera #3.  I know there is an audience out there for both of these topics, however those two audiences are very, very different.
 Adam doesn't look so bad, if you can imagine him without all the body hair.  He actually admired the view and flexed a little bit for the cameras.  As of last week he had lost 10 pounds in the house, and that was before Slop Week, so Adam is on the way to being, well, lighter, I guess.

Dani came in to talk with him during his cold Have Not shower and joked about the cameras filming him while he bathes.  Adam gives a shout out to all of his fans.

I think Dani is watching a little too closely.  She just accused him of jerking off in there, but of course that was not true.  Now he does the "Grandma Routine" for Danielle, which must be a homeless grandma, since he talked about "alms for the poor".

Now the Danielle/Adam whisperfest begins.  Danielle has something cooking with every guy in that house.

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