Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jeff Lost. It Hurts.

Jeff:  If you fumble on the one yard line, it's your fault, no one else's.  I should have won......

Jordan:  Well, if it's meant to be we'll spend the summer together.  If not, we won't.

Jeff:  It just makes me sick.. we were safe, and now I have to depend on someone else to keep us safe......I fucking choked.....

Jordan:  We all choke.

Jeff:  I don't choke.

Jordan is drinking a protein shake and whispers that Brendon winning again just put a bigger target on his back.

Jeff:  He shouldn't have won.  I'm gonna beat myself up about this.

Jordan crunches the ice and keeps shaking the ice around in the cup.  She catches a whiff of herself and says she needs a shower, but she doesn't want to take one.  (She is in the Have Not shower.)

Jordan:  When I saw that golf thing, I thought Jeff's got this one.

Jeff:  Yeah, that first one was fucked...if I hadda gotten wet, I would have gotten it...??)  I just gave it away.

Jordan leaves the room.  The slop and the pickles make her stomach upset.

I thought he was going to pick his nose there, but he just brushed it.  He mentioned that he could get the votes, but I think Jordan is the one who is at risk here----Dani is going to put either her or Shelly up in Rachel's place.

Assuming that Brendon uses his Veto to save Rachel.

Jordan came back with a blanket and tries to be cheery, saying they can go outside soon and she will take an outdoor shower.  She asked Jeff what he wanted to make for lunch, and he's not hungry.  (What?)

Jeff:  Why did I write that answer?

Jordan:  Jeff don't beat yourself up about it....

Jeff:  I fucking forget that Porsche is in the house.

Jordan:  She was right next to you!

Jeff:  I just didn't know....(sounds like his loss may have had something to do with Porsche).

Shelly came in and offered to make Jordan some slop pancakes, but Jordan declined.  They "go right through her".

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