Sunday, July 17, 2011

HOH PowWow (con't)

Now we're back and Jordan is still calmly stating her position and aplogizes.

Cassi:  Let me ask you this....if Brendon and Rachel were the HOH and they didn't agree with the decision of who to put up, what would that do?  Ask yourself that...

Jordan:  Um.....I don't know...what would they do?

Cassi:  Look, you're very sweet and genuine, and I'm not saying your dumb or naive, but what do you think they would do?

Jordan:  I guess they would do what they wanted to do...

Cassi:  Well, if I did stay..if I made HOH, I would put both of them up first thing, and do everybody a favor in this house.

(How exciting will it be if Jordan puts Brenchal in the nomination chair?  Damn that would be great.)

Jordan:  She (Rachel) walks around here like she has power, and she says things like she does.  I've said it a few times around here but when you get too cocky, it all goes away.  Please don't say anything to anybody yet, like Dominic, because I know he talks to everybody..

Cassi:  I know, I'll be careful.  Have you considered backdooring them?

Jordan:  Oh, I don't know...

The meeting starts to break up breaks up and Jordan says she'll get Jeff up here to talk about it, too.

Cassi:  Well, from the first day everybody was sayin' that Brendon and Rachel need to go, and having one of them gone would be good for everybody's game.

You know, it might not be so difficult to be a fashion photographer---how gorgeous is that picture of Cassi?  If you have good material to work with the job seems easy..

They all hug and go downstairs.

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