Thursday, July 28, 2011

HOH Lockdown is Over

and Lawon apparently just told Dom that he can't vote for him tonight.  Dom is packing his stuff and appreciates Lawon telling him.  They make tentative plans for Dom to visit Lawon in LA and stay with him.

Lawon:  I'm gonna fight for you tonight buddy.  Wait til you see my'll know.

They discuss how Kalia "did a deal and screwed all of them".  Dom hopes Dani or Lawon wins.  He mentions how that first night all of the newbies put their hands together and vowed to fight "no matter who walks in the door".  He's not bitter, he's matter-of-fact about it and incredibly mature.  He knows he is paying the price for other people's actions.

(I am fairly certain Dom will be back in the house sooner than later---the season needs him.)

Is this the best we have ever seen Rachel look?  I think so....  Standing next to a half-dressed hairy man will do that for you, but I think Rachel looks great here.  If I didn't know better, I would think she was kind of classy.  But of course, I know better.

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